Saturday, September 10, 2005


Things at my new job have been going rather well. It's not bad...but it's not terrific either. Positive attitude!!! I've had to help several children change after accidents! :D Part of the job!
In GREAT and INTERESTING NEWS! Michael asked me what cut of stone I would like for my ring. The funny thing is I don't know. I kinda feel guility because I don't want him to think that I want a huge, fancy ring. I'm not a big jewerly person. I would be happy with whatever he chose. :D I would even like a nice band that has LOVE engraved all around it. I'm not a fussy person.
I talked to my Mom last night. She was making roses for my brother's wedding cake.She told me that this wedding is going to be casual!!! Next Friday I am flying to NJ and meeting up with Michael. Then Michael and I are driving up to Vermont. We are leaving at 4 am so we can be at my parent's house by 10:00am. I'm excited!!! I love my family! I'm so glad my brother is marrying Davina! We like her a lot. She has been sooooo good for him!!! :D
Michael's sister has set a tentitive date for her wedding. In late June. Weddings are soo exciting!!!
Going to the library!!
Ciao for now!

Friday, September 2, 2005


I've been attending the Vineyard church for over a year now. I really feel at home there. It is a mega church, yet there is something different about!!!! I know God is the center of that place!!!

Wish for Love letters inc

* Board, & Card Games
* T-shirts & Sweatshirts
* Stuffed Animals
* Books, (especially for teens)
* Collectibles
* Scented Bath and Beauty products
* Radios, Cassette Players, CD and DVD players and Headphones
* Perfumes & After Shaves
* Sports Clothes (i.e. Starter)
* Sports Trading Cards
* Disney & Warner Brothers "stuff"
* Jewelry, & Clothing
* Video & Audio Tapes, or CD's
* Athletic Equipment
* Socks & Gloves
* Hair Jewelry & Hats
* Coloring, Puzzle, & Activity Books
* Tote bags, Backpacks, Purses, & Wallets
* Comic Books, Sports and Teen
* Barbie Dolls & Accessories
* Models, Model Paint & Glue
* Stickers & Sticker Albums
* Sports Team Items
* Toiletries & Cosmetics
* Crayons & Markers
* Craft kits & Art supplies
* Video Games
* Lava and motion lamps for our teens
* Batteries
We use lots of gifts!! We send between 90 and 110 birthday gifts a month, have two Christmases a year, and remember Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Back-to-School, Halloween, and occasional "love gifts." We have a critical need for gifts appropriate for teen age boys.

Supplies Needed
* Stamps of any denomination
* Scissors-Regular & Decorative
* Scotch Tape & Mailing Tape
* Rubber Stamps, Ink Pads, Accessories
* Shelving
* Padded Envelopes
* Tissue Paper
* Brown Mailing Paper
* Gift Wrap
* Copier bond 8 1/2x11 Paper, white and color
* Card Stock Paper
* Die Cut Paper & Stationery
* Copier Toner & Service
* Ink Cartridges for HP Ink Jet 690 Series Printer (Black and Color)
* Ellison & Accu-Cut Dies
* Glue sticks
* Avery (or generic) mailing labels
* Printed return address labels
* Designer confetti
* Pin feed labels, one across
* Routine office supplies (staples, paper clips, file folders, etc.)
PLEASE NOTE: There are things we can not use. We only send new gifts. We are not in need of used magazines, used greeting cards, religious items, clothing under size 4 Toddler, old letterhead or used clothing.