Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Lollipop Flowers

I saw this adorable lollipop flower in Family Fun magazine! I'm always on the lookout for adorable and easy projects to do with a group of children!  They came out great! Each child made two. They took one home and then left the other one for the art show that is coming up in April. :D The project was so easy that even the Kindergartners were able to do it by themselves(a little help with the tape at the end was needed).

Monday, March 29, 2010

A Midnight Snack. Reading, and Just Give me the Nikon and nobody gets hurt!

Michael made the most amazing chocolate walnut cookies! Yummy! Full of REAL butter and REAL shortening. The recipe is from this great cookbook that we found at Goodwill for $1.50. My mother had this cook book when I was a kid. I would spend hours planning menus.  I'm sorry to say that the coloring in the photograph is not off, the books is actually that red/orange color! Oh...the 70s 
April 5th-11th is the Clear the Clutter Read-a-thon.

Yay..Finally going to finish a few books that I've totally meant to finish
I'm 3/4 of the way through Eclipse. Its a pretty good book, but it hasn't held my attention like the first book!

My Dream Camera is on sale at Best Buy! $829.96 for the Nikon D5000DX plus two lenses is a steal. The drool is hanging from my mouth! I want that camera! I would love to waltz into Best Buy and say, " Just Give me the NIKON and nobody gets hurt!" I don't advocate violence, but really people its a NIKON. Oh...I could have so much fun with that baby!

Have a delightful evening!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Playing with Photoshop Elements

I have been playing around with Photoshop Elements!

This is a gift tag for a little brag book I made for the lovely lady who had her baby shower last weekend!

Funny Kid Quote!

This was a conversation that I had with a  4-year old!

Little Boy: Ms. Emily, Why are you a girl?

Me: Because thats the way I was born! Why are you a boy?

Little Boy: Because I have a little something special!


A Sign that I saw at the library!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

A New Baby in the Family

My husband's sister and her husband have welcomed baby #3 to the family!!! Little Noelle Johanna was born on Monday. Looking forward to meeting her sometime this summer! Thank goodness for the internet!
I am making some mini photo blocks. I went to Michael's today with the idea that I wanted about a 3 inch by 3 inch blocks. They didn't have such a thing. I remember seeing them their last weekend. I did find some mini 1.5 by 1.5 inch blocks. I think I will go back and get those before they run out. Here is what the some of the sides will look like. I'm waiting for the family to send more pictures. HINT HINT HINT Y'all!

I think I might add some numbers on some of the side and maybe the letters again in the opposite color!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Showers, Memories, and Michael Jackson changing colors!

 The one thing that I wish I had more of from my wedding is shots of the little special details. I love taking pictures of all the little things!
 The paper lanterns. The Mom-to-be took them home for her nursery! The colors were green and pink. The theme was jungle!
 One of the party planners made these adorable jungle animal chocolates! They disappeared quickly

One of my co-workers had her baby shower today! What a sweet event! Sara, the mother-to-be is such an adorable pregnant chick! I think she would disagree with me! You be the judge!
  The Mom-to-be and the lovely party hostesses! They did a beautiful job putting together this shower.

When I got back from the shower I found that my husband had made this.
Michael likes to collect ticket stubs, menus, and brochures from different places that we have been! I love that my husband is into preserving our memories too!

Funny Kid Quote

I was reading "A Color of His Own" by Leo Lionni to a group of 3.5 year olds. The book is about a chameleon who wants a color of his own. Wherever he goes he changes colors.
One of the darling 3.5 year olds says, "Michael Jackson changed colors just like the chameleon!"

I had quite the laugh! Where do kids come up with this stuff?
The church search is finally over! Thank goodness. The whole process of looking for a church was really uncomfortable. Lakeside Christian Church is the winner!

TTFN...I'm watching August Rush!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Clear Away the Clutter Read-A-Thon!

I'm participating in a Clean Your Clutter Read-A-Thon!

 When: April 5th-April 11th

Stay-Tuned for my list of books that I'm going to read!


Try It: Rainbow Salad

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!! 
This is a little something that I made for one of the preschool classes!

Red: Strawberries
Orange: Cantaloupe and Oranges
Green: Kiwi
Blue: Blueberries
Purple: Purple Grapes 
 The Gold at the End of the Rainbow: Vanilla Wafers

The children really seemed to to enjoy the fruit. When I served it to the children I asked them what colors of the rainbow they wanted. Many of the kids even tried a new fruit or two.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

St. Patrick's Day Cards

Michael mentioned that he wanted to send out some St. Patrick's Day Cards. So we sat down and whipped up a few! What a great evening!


Germ-a-phobe freak out class!

Yesterday I attended a communicable disease class for work! Before taking this class I was not a germ-a-phobe. Now maybe a little bit. That class was horrible enough to make you want to go out and buy  your own personal plastic bubble. I joke with my co-workers that I really should wear a surgical mask when I go into the classrooms! I see over 500 students a week. Ewwww that is a lot of germs. Gross! Deep breath! Ok...better now!

One interesting fact that I picked up was that specialized teachers such as the music, art,and gym teachers get sick far more often than classroom teachers who are with the same kids everyday! That is so the truth. In the winter I seem to get every bug that comes around the corner!

  Michal was in the mood for some bar cookies.Found this recipe and gave it a try! This horrible cellphone picture does this bar no justice! This is a rich gooey wonder! You can find the recipe here!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Fun in the Kitchen with Emily

The whole cooking thing has been going very well. This past week I've made some totally yummy dishes. 

Monday we had breakfast quesadillas. They had sausage, scrambled eggs,and tomatoes. Topped with a little bit of salsa and sour cream!! Delizioso!!

 Tuesday I made Crock-Pot Chicken BBQ! So easy! Soooo yummy! Michael ate about 5 sandwiches! Guess those will have to be added into the dinner rotation!

I had seen on some cooking website to mix canned pasta sauce with cream cheese! Sounds easy enough to me! 

My hand mixer has only one speed,SUPER SONIC FAST! The little mixer says that there are more speeds,but it's just not true. Knowing that combining the pasta sauce and cream cheese using the hand mixer could be a messy process, I knew I needed to find my apron.Where was my apron? I checked all over the kitchen and in the bathroom. No luck! Grabbed my bathrobe and headed back to the kitchen. Michael,after seeing me head to the kitchen followed me in.

Entering the kitchen he saw me wearing the bathrobe "Snuggie" style and about to turn on the hand mixer.I turned it on and sauce splattered everywhere. Michael laughed and asked me what I was doing. Making dinner of course. He told me that he wasn't going to clean up that mess. Here are some pictures to help you visualize things a little bit better!

The mess!

My bathrobe!

The sauce actually ended up tasting great! I asked Michael if he liked it. He said, "It's Ok!" Perhaps he would have liked it better if he didn't see the "PROCESS" of making the sauce! Ha! Ha! Fun in the kitchen

Michael and I have started a little family tradition of going to fish frys on Friday nights. We are not catholic, we just like fish! Last weekend we went to Mary Queen of Heaven for their fish fry. Its suppose to be the best in Northern Kentucky. We went through the drive-through to pick up our fish! Yes,they have a drive through. Fish Fryss are BIG in this area! Yesterday we went back and actually ate in the school gym. The place was packed! The food was fast and good! Mmmmmm!!! They had guys walking around dressed up like the "GOD FATHER." They had gold chains and everything. The sign above explains it all! Some good campy fun in Northern Kentucky!

Next weekend I am going to a baby shower for a co-worker. That means a stop by Babies R Us! For those of you who don't have such a store you are missing something. A SUPER GIANT emporium for all things baby and toddler. Its fun to look at all the cute little babies clothes and bedding. I picked a few things from the registry. Those monkey receiving blankets are très adorable! Of course I had to get the Butt Paste! Its a tradition!I've been giving it to Mommy-to-be for years. It gives everyone a good laugh and apparently its actually good stuff!

Just found out that two more ladies at work are expecting. It must be in the water. Remind me to fill the old water bottle at work!

Have a good Sunday everyone!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Try It: Shaker Village at Pleasant Hill

  We enjoy going on day trips together. We haven't been on one in ages. Today we headed south to the Shaker Village at Pleasant Hill.

  Hmmmm....She doesn't look happy does she?

 Michael working on some quilt stiching

Dried flowers
 This woman made the most beautiful woven pieces!
This is one of the pieces she made.

A friendly goat!

 Just caught me as funny!

 The placement of his sticker is totally on purpose! What a dork!

An actual picture of me!!!

I *heart* picket fences!