Tuesday, March 18, 2008


OK...I've calmed down a bit, but I am still upset with my IKEA experience today!
I really like IKEA. I have several IKEA pieces in my home! Yet my experience today at the new IKEA store in West Chester as made me rethink a few things!
I work rather close to IKEA and decided to pop over durinig my lunch break. I was very curious! So anyway, I drove in the the parking lot. It was not busy at all. In fact, there were many parking spaces availabe. Unlike most people, I usually park a good distance away from stores. I like the opportunity to get in some extra steps for my daily step count. This has never been a problem in the past. With in being a new store there were still parking attendents. I decided I didn't want to park in the area close to the building. I signaled my intent and than turned into that area. There were about 15-20 cars in that area. There were no signs telling me not to park there. When I got out of my car, 4 attendents come over and started screaming at me that I couldn't park there and that I needed to park where they tol d me to. They used quite vulgar langauge and were not polite at all. I asked why I could not park there and was told nothing. So I got into my car and left. This left a very bad taste in my mouth for IKEA.
I later found out from a co-worker who also works at IKEA that these parking attendents are volunteers and not actually employed by IKEA. This made me feel a little bit better, but after thinking about it I still feel that it was an unacceptable business practice.
I called IKEA and was unable to actually speak with a real person in the West Chester store. I did speak with a person from the national office. I was told that the local manager would be notified. I still wish there was more that I can do.
I have noticed how the service in stores and businesses have gone down the drain. Now I know why I decided to to go into the Hospitality and Business area because of the un-hospitable behavior I have seen!

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  1. Bummer....maybe it was someone from another shop who wanted to "reserve" that area?? My sis went on Saturday & said it was crazy busy, but she loved it. I'm waiting for the hype to die down...I went to the one in Maryland and thought it rocked!