Thursday, February 24, 2011

Reading Now: One Thousand Gifts

by Ann Voskamp 

A few weeks ago, out in blogland there was a huge buzz about this book. I had to read it. In fact, I purchased it the day it was released in stores. That night I mowed through the first seventy-five pages. I found it all lovely. Yet, I couldn't help notice that I was rushing through it. This is not a book to rush through. 

Ann has a very unique writing style that takes a bit to get used to. I took the time to go back and reread the chapters that I had so hastily plowed through. So glad I did. This is not a light, fluffy, and easy book. It is challenging. It will have you squirming on the inside. You will connect with the stories. You will nod your head in agreement. Have a pen or pencil ready to underline those passages that will jump at you.

The (in)courage blog is hosting an online bookclub of this book! Check out the video book discussions featuring Ann Voskamp.

Get ready to have your faith walk challenged!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

In a rut

I am in a rut.

I feel as creative as bologna.

I feel stuck.

I need a change.

I need a spark.

I need a fire to get me going again.

I feel drained...and dull...and boring.

Facebook doesn't cure it.

Food doesn't satisfy it

Music can't drown it out.

The tiny voice inside that tells me this is not it. This is not right!

You have bit your tongue too many times!

You have stuffed down the possibilities and the ideas for too long!

You have settled for the dull and boring for far too long just because it is easier. Rocking the boat is too frightening.

Stepping out and up is unknown. There are no guarantees.

What if I try to fly and crash into the depths. Isn't it easier to stay where you can see? Even if your heart and soul cries out to be set free!

There is more!

I am grasping for it!

I am gasping for it.