Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Paper Bag Album

My elementary school scrapbooking club starts this week! For our 1st session (4 weeks) we are going to be making a paper bag album! It is pretty simple to put together and looks oh so cool! I put this example together this afternoon. When the kids make these, I'm pretty sure I'm going to cut the patterned paper to size!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Back to Storytime!

Back to Storytime tomorrow. I am beyond ecstatic! I love sharing books, puppets, songs, and stories with the children. 
Favorite Book of the Week:

The perfect book for "Back to School." 
Letter of the Week
 Isn't Randy Raccoon adorable?!
Favorite Prop of the Week

Five Little Mice Going to School. It goes along with one of the books that I am reading to the younger children!

I am so excited! I am heading to bed early, because I know that I might have a hard time sleeping because of the excitement.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Etching Glasss: FAIL

Lately, I have been seeing tons of adorable etched glass items.  Lelan over at
Hello, Good Gravy made some really beautiful pencil jars as a back to school teacher gift! Lovely aren't they?!

Thought I would give it a try myself. So I gathered up my supplies
 Paint Brush, Punch, Glass, Etching Cream, Scissors, and Contact paper

Put my stencil on and added the cream
The first polka dot came out beautifully! But the rest didn't 
  What did I do wrong? Maybe I didn't leave the stencils on long enough. Maybe I left them on too long. Maybe you are not meant to go through the washing off process more than once. Maybe I didn't put on enough cream. Maybe I should  use a foam brush next time.

The vase was only $1.00, so I don't feel so bad messing up on it. I'm looking forward to trying again!

Baking Skills!

This week I have been in a very Martha Stewart mood. Just needing to make something. Anything really. At the grocery last week they again had the most beautiful looking blueberries. I put a container or two in my cart. 
I found the most amazing blueberry muffin recipe. The sugar on top really added a bit more sweetness and sparkle to the muffin.
 On Wednesday, we had a meeting for all the special class teachers. I made a batch to share with everyone!  Made some pink lemonade too! 
It was so nice to get so many compliments on the muffins. Several of the teachers even took some home with them!! That just warms my heart!

Friday, August 27, 2010

A Closer Look: The Button Purse

This post is for you Lynette !

My mother made me this purse several years ago! The buttons belonged to my Mother and Grandmother. I can't imagine how long it took her to stitch on each button.  It is a work of art. I remember going through my Grandmother's buttons and counting and sorting them. A jar of buttons could keep me occupied for hours. It still can!

I don't take it out and about much, but whenever I do I get lots of compliments.One day at the grocery a woman grabbed my bag to get a closer look. I spun around so fast that I almost knocked the poor old lady down. She apologized for startling me. She just had to look at my bag!

The sparkly one is my favorite!

 Trying to get my Mom to open an Etsy shop. She is super talented in beading, knitting, quilting, and sewing! I even offered to run the Etsy shop for her! Maybe someday!

Here she is at a Red's Game :D

Sleep tight everyone!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Family Fun Does it Again!!

 This bright and cheerful magazine was in my mailbox today! Yay!
I've read Family Fun since 2003! I was first introduced to it by a co-worker who always had the cutest ideas. She let me in on her "secret weapon." I have binders full of articles and projects to try! Even though I don't have children, it still has come in handy planning activities for school and church! This magazine has saved the day and my sanity more than once!

The past year the magazine has really been incredible!
 Back in March, I was looking for a special treat to share with one of my classrooms! The fruit rainbow was a huge hit! Just last week a student asked when I was going to make the rainbow again!
The kids in Scrapbooking club loved making these lollipop flower for the spring showcase! A number of parents even made one!!!  Thinking of changing the pattern a little bit to make poinsettias for Christmas!
 This game was inspired by an advertisement featured in Family Fun!

 I wasn't surprised to find such a simple and brilliant idea in the September issue. I can be described as somewhat flighty. I pack nice lunches for myself, but they always seem to be left at home in the fridge. When I saw this cute reminder clip, I knew it was exactly what I needed to jog my memory on the way out the door.  With my trusty glue gun ,I attached a pack of Post-It notes to a laundry clip! Easy peesey!  When I'm done with it I can just take the top note off!! Brilliant!! I can't wait to use it tomorrow!

Thanks Family Fun!

PS: They have a GREAT website! Top notch

Friday, August 20, 2010

I don't know, but he is cute!!

Another adorable conversation with a four year old!

Me: Little S,what is your friend's name? (She had been holding his hand not five minutes before)

Little S:(shrugs shoulders) I don't know, but he is cute!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

New Hair Cut, From the Library, and Inspiration from 1998!

This week it has been about as hot as the surface of the sun. I think I sweat more this week than ever before. Up until yesterday I had long hair. It was stringy and unmanageable! My hair seemed to have a mind of its own. My hair must have thought it was a Rastafarian, all it wanted to do was make dreadlocks(aka GIANT SNARLS). Here is the before picture! :P

 Here is the after picture!

6 inches shorter and so far a lot less unruly! I also got my eyebrows tamed as well!

Here is what I picked up at the library today!

I have been wanting a new basket to put all my lotions and potions in! Ok...I had a basket! It was plastic! It was green! It was horrible! So I picked up this beauty at Michael's! 40% off of baskets! Yahoo! Got a slightly smaller one for Michael's bureau as well! Matching baskets make me feel so grown up!
 My mother sent me a box of stuff a few weeks ago. One of the items was a journal that I started the summer before college and continued through my first summer as a camp counselor! It has been really fun reading what my 19 year old self wrote.
I love how I collected quotes!! Thank you 19 year old Emily for inspiring 31 year old Emily!
A few people have questioned why I had a razor and an apple corer in my purse! I keep a razor in my bag in case I have missed a spot or 12 while shaving my legs in the morning :P. The apple corer was in my purse because we made fruit kabobs in cooking club! A woman's purse is a mysterious treasure trove of wonders! What is in your bag? 

1. Dump everything out of your bag
2. Arrange the items
3. Take a picture!
4. Post the picture on your blog!
5. Leave me a link and I'll make a post with all the links later this week! 

:D Have a lovely Evening!

Friday, August 13, 2010

My guilty pleasure

Everyone has to have some guilty pleasures right? Well my guilty pleasure is Youtube. I love Youtube. Here are a few of my favorites!

 I watch this one when I am homesick for New England!

 I love Improv Everywhere! They do some super fun stuff! It is all funny, but not mean spirited!

Ok...This one is just so stinkin' cute!
Another super cute one!

Have a great evening!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Cincinnati Sunday: Kentucky Symphony Orchestra

Cincinnati Sunday is dedicated to the best of Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, and Indiana! Each Sunday, I will feature an event, location, store, restaurant, or product that is unique to this area!
Date: August 7th, 2010
Event:  Fun Fun Fun
(The Kentucky Symphony Orchestra Boogie Band
 returns to the simple '60s)

Location: Devou Park Bandshell

Covington, KY

After what seemed close to a month of unbearable humidity in Cincinnati, the weather finally took a turn towards the delightful! A slight breeze and the sounds of the Kentucky Symphony Orchestra set the stage for a great date night with my husband!
When you think of Kentucky, you don’t usually think of something as cultured as a symphony orchestra. Honestly, I was downright shocked and delighted to find out that we have one here. There wasn’t a whiskey jug or a banjo in sight. Sorry, but I bet I wasn’t the only one thinking that!
This was the second of the three part summer series sponsored by Toyota! Michael and I were two of thousands of other music lovers who made their way up to Devou Park. We spread a blanket out on the hill overlooking the band shell and ate our dinner of chips and sandwiches.
The concert featured special arrangements of 1960s classics by pianist, conductor, and arranger Terry LaBolt. Singers in sparkly dresses were included to offer up an exceptional show! A personal favorite was a rendition of “Fun, Fun, Fun!” It was impossible to not sing along or at least tap your toes! A large group of exuberant kids danced and twirled along in front of the stage! Adorable!
This series is an excellent family friendly event. What is better is that it is free! There is nothing quite as good as free cultural activities!(Donations are welcome)  To top it off, Tank offered a free shuttle service from Covington Catholic High School!
The third concert will wrap up the 2010 summer series on September 4that 7:30pm featuring a circus theme! So bring your family and a picnic dinner out to Devou Park for unique family friendly event.
Check out the Kentucky Symphony Orchestra website for further information!

In my bag: August 2010

* Creating Keepsakes: September 2010 issue
* My favorite necklace! Made out of black ribbon and gray beads
* A pink razor 
* A Tiffany and Co box that has a broken necklace on the inside.
* My keys
* Two bracelets that were gifts
* A borders receipt for coffee, a milkshake, a cookie, and a raspberry sparkle cupcake
* My cellphone
* An apple corer and cutter
* Some leftover waterballoons
* Spare Change
* Paycheck stub 

Sunday, August 1, 2010

A lane for slow grocery shoppers?! Directional signals on shopping carts?!

Each week, usually on Sunday I painstakingly go through the process of meal planning.  I choose the recipes!! I organize my shopping list by my stores layout.  I have a plan of attack and I’m ready to “go to the mattresses” with my handy list and my shopping cart. I charge into the store ready to grab lettuce and bread.  I know what I want and I know where it is.

Today I was well, slightly agitated before even entering the store. I wanted to get in and get out! I guess the fair shoppers at my local Kroger had an entirely different agenda.  Everyone was shopping at a snails pace. I kid you not there was a man in the soup section who was sitting on the floor picking up every can of soup. He was strategically placed directly in front of the cheese soup that I need for my crock pot cheesy chicken!

In every aisle there was someone parked in front of the item from my list. I was tired of saying excuse me. I just wanted to get in and get out! When it came time to go to the next aisle there was someone heading straight towards me ready to crash.A combination of battlefield and defensive driving! Am I Jedi Knight, a racecar driver, or a Midwestern suburban wife?  Sometimes the lines get a little blurry!

Recently I was watching this video from Improv Everywhere

While the video is a prank, it really gets you thinking! The tourists can have a lane in which to stop and take pictures without all those New Yorkers stepping on their heals.  The New Yorkers can have a lane in which to jog to work in.  It is a win-win situation!

I say we take the idea of purposed lanes a step further.  Why not have lanes for fast shoppers? A lane designed for those shoppers who know what they want and where it is! While we are at it lets put directional signals on shopping carts. No more wasting time in awkward moments trying to decipher where that person who is blocking your way is going to go next. Just put on your blinker to announce your intentions! These simple ideas will revolutionize the way we grocery shop!