Sunday, August 15, 2010

New Hair Cut, From the Library, and Inspiration from 1998!

This week it has been about as hot as the surface of the sun. I think I sweat more this week than ever before. Up until yesterday I had long hair. It was stringy and unmanageable! My hair seemed to have a mind of its own. My hair must have thought it was a Rastafarian, all it wanted to do was make dreadlocks(aka GIANT SNARLS). Here is the before picture! :P

 Here is the after picture!

6 inches shorter and so far a lot less unruly! I also got my eyebrows tamed as well!

Here is what I picked up at the library today!

I have been wanting a new basket to put all my lotions and potions in! Ok...I had a basket! It was plastic! It was green! It was horrible! So I picked up this beauty at Michael's! 40% off of baskets! Yahoo! Got a slightly smaller one for Michael's bureau as well! Matching baskets make me feel so grown up!
 My mother sent me a box of stuff a few weeks ago. One of the items was a journal that I started the summer before college and continued through my first summer as a camp counselor! It has been really fun reading what my 19 year old self wrote.
I love how I collected quotes!! Thank you 19 year old Emily for inspiring 31 year old Emily!
A few people have questioned why I had a razor and an apple corer in my purse! I keep a razor in my bag in case I have missed a spot or 12 while shaving my legs in the morning :P. The apple corer was in my purse because we made fruit kabobs in cooking club! A woman's purse is a mysterious treasure trove of wonders! What is in your bag? 

1. Dump everything out of your bag
2. Arrange the items
3. Take a picture!
4. Post the picture on your blog!
5. Leave me a link and I'll make a post with all the links later this week! 

:D Have a lovely Evening!


  1. Your hair looks so cute! Love it! Of course you were gorgeous before!

    Oh & I have to know if it worked to lose 200 pounds in a weekend...that is totally the diet for me! I'd even settle for 100. But 2 is even better!

    Fun to see what is in your purse! Mine is way too boring, lots of diapers & wet wipes & junk :) But ALWAYS my camera :)

    Have a great week!

  2. That Frog journal is awesome!