Monday, May 31, 2010


I am really happy how this layout came out. I wanted to display bits and pieces of my Grandfather's house. I took a lot of photos while I was there. My mother and Aunts are slowly going through the house and I wanted to capture the little things before the house is sold. 

 While at my Grandparent's house Michael was looking through a very old family album. He came across a photograph of someone who is the spitting image of me. There was no name on that back to identify the people in the photo. Growing up I never felt like I looked like my family. It was always assumed that I must look like someone from my father's biological family. It was so neat to see that I bear an uncanny resemblance to someone on my mother's side! 

Sunday, May 30, 2010

More Layouts!

Happy Sunday!!!

Have not been up to much this weekend! Actually yesterday I didn't go out of the house all day. I didn't use my voice until 10:30pm. Ha! I did get a lot of scrapbooking done though!

Michael seems to be enjoying his trip to Minnesota! He is really enjoying seeing his cousins! Plus he is eating lots of cookie bars! That is sooo Minnesota.I miss him so much!
(He even posted a cellphone picture of the bars)

 Today I was all ready to go church and then I couldn't find my keys anywhere. So...I didn't make it to church. I found my keys in the pile of STUFF that I was donating to Goodwill. Ha! So I guess it was meant to be to bring that stuff out to Goodwill. I dropped some books off at the Library and then got some food at the grocery! Nothing too exciting!

I still have one more day to relax and chill! Yahoo!!!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Love a Long Weekend!

Michael has gone to Minnesota for a few days to see family! Guess what I'm dong? Scrapbooking! Yahoo! Here are a few layouts that I just made!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

What I just made!

While my parents were in town we went to Heritage Village. Our tour guide really took the time to show us around. I made a little thank-you card for her!

A Quick Layout I made about my niece Lexi!

A layout using some of my flower photos!  

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Home, Books, Pictures, and this weeks dinner menu!

We are back in Kentucky after driving most of the afternoon and evening and into the early morning today. Michael did most of the driving and let me sleep!Thank goodness!Riding in the car for so long is just so draining. Sitting on your behind is exhausting.Michael had to work today.He came home and went straight to bed!Bless his heart it has been a rough week for both of us.

Between all the driving and waiting around I was able to read two books, finish one book, and continue another.Sitting down with a good book is so comfortable.Love the way an actual books feels in my hands. I doubt I could ever use a ebook reader. Don't quote me on that one because who know what will happen in the future. So here is what I read.
1. One Simple Act by Debbie Macomber
I read all by the last two chapters in one weekend. It flows very well and leaves  you yearning to read more. She discusses generosity not just in the form of financial giving, but also in terms of giving time. I loved the idea that listening is a gift. A gift that I desperately want to work more on. She also goes into hospitality and giving the gift of prayer.  

Loved Loved Loved this book! I laughed my way through this one. Very entertaining! I found myself shouting many times,"Thats Exactly Right!" 

Basically her whole idea is to back away from the "helicopter" style of parenting and allow your children to actually do things for themselves. Hallelujah! Glad to finally hear a sane voice amongst all the other parenting books out there that thrive on scaring you to death!

Here is her blog:Free Range Kids

This books was written by Mommy Blogger Amanda Blake Soule. I greatly enjoyed this book and am planning to get a copy of it for keeps(I get most of my stuff from the library). 
This book is full of ways to encourage/cultivate imagination and creativity in your children. Very Waldorf philosophyish Lots of project ideas. I especially enjoy the section about family celebrations. I totally want to make beautiful felt birthday crowns for my nieces and nephews.

Loved the book! Check out the Blog!

Finally to finish up this post I thought I'd share a few pics from the last week or so!

Our new niece Little Ms.NJ! We were so excited to finally meet her! She liked Michael so much that she fell asleep in his arms! I also got to hold her quite a bit. I'm a little hesitant while holding infants. I'm so worried about their little heads bobbing about. Miss NJ is a real doll!

Here is my little ray of sunshine, Lexi! She is so 3 years old. She asks tons of questions! She is super duper active but also loves to cuddle! Its really very funny how much she looks like my brother!

The world's longest candy counter! I love this place! Michael and I filled up a bag full of treats! We ate some of them and then we tossed them in the back seat. While cleaning out the car today,I found them in the back all melty! What a waste! Serves me right! Never put off eating candy till tomorrow! 

A star from my parent's front porch. I took a ton of photos of my childhood home. My parents are in the process of selling the house. I'm a tad bit upset,it has been their home for over 40 years. I understand that they need a house that is easier for my Dad to get around it, but it still hurts a little. 

 My Mom and Lexi! Lexi has my mother wrapped around her little fingers! My Mom is physically unable to go into THE CHILDREN'S PLACE without buying an outfit for her! My Mom lets Lexi play in her makeup and drink as much chocolate milk as her little heart desires. Lucky!

We went to Franklin Roosevelt's House. It was on the way back to PA from Vermont.

 Bitty pig tails!

 Another niece is giving me back a taste of my medicine by sticking the camera in my face! 

One more thing!
Here is my dinner menu for the week!

Peach Crisp for Dessert
Monday: Grandma R's Pancakes and Sweet Sausage
Thursday: Sausage and Peppers Hoagies

Goodnight everyone!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Sitting in my parent's living room in Vermont. I am filled with mixed emotions. I am very happy to be in Vermont. I am happy to be near family. I am happy that the sun is shinning. Yet, the reason for being in Vermont is very unhappy. My Grandfather died on Thursday morning. The circumstances behind his death are quite upsetting. I am still trying to understand and come to grips with everything!

I am feeling somewhat guilty for not keeping in better contact with my Grandfather. A couple of weeks ago Michael suggested that I write him a letter and send some pictures. We had just sent some to his Aunt and Uncle in Minnesota and they loved them. How I wish I would have taken the time to send him that letter. Oh how I wish I did! 

I was also planning to do some video interviews with my Grandfather to record all those family stories. Stories of my Grandfather's time in the Pacific during the war.Stories of their Courtship. Stories of their first year of marriage. Stories about my Mom and Aunts growing up years. So many stories!!

This is myself and my Grandpa just over a year ago!

Here he is just over a year ago. I'm so glad I got a picture of his hands. Their is something about a person's hands. 

Grandpa's Hats

His shoes lined up!

The beautiful toaster cover! I love love love love the design.

My advice is to let your love ones know how much you love them. Tell them! Write them a letter. Don't wait for something to happen. I feel more of a resolve to document life through journals and scrapbooks. I don't want those life stories to be forgotten.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Trip to the Zoo

We spent the late morning and the early afternoon at the Cincinnati Zoo! The weather was incredible and we were actually able to see the animals! Not crowded at all! Monday is a perfect day to visit the zoo!

An adorable sloth!

Isn't He adorable!!

Grrr...My Mom in front of the polar bears!

Miniature Cows!

I wanted to take one of this adorable little guys home!

Monday, May 3, 2010

My Weekend

My parents ventured out of snowy Vermont and are visiting us this week! Here is my Mom getting impaled by a plant! She is so funny!  We went to the Krohn Conservatory Butterfly Show! Lots of fun! Of course I had to bring my camera!

We went to Archivers and I didn't buy anything! That must be a record of something. I wanted EVERYTHING, but I didn't need anything. My mom did get a couple of odds and ends. Most of the stuff came from the $1.99 spot!