Thursday, February 28, 2008

Inspiration for your Day

Check out this video!!!

Have a great day

Friday, February 22, 2008

The New Job, Storytelling Festival, and Making a Difference

* I am loving my new job. It is so wonderful. I get to be silly and creative! I don't have to worry about red tape and boring meetings. I get to use puppets and costumes. I get to read wonderful books. I get hugs when I walk into a room! It is wonderful! So joyful!

The only thing I must say that the down time between classes can be a bit boring. There is only so much prep time that I need. I go around and ask others if they need help with anything and most of the time it is no. Need to come up with a fantastic project to keep myself occupied. Hopefully once I compile the information from the Library surveys I should be able to getting working on the Library card drive. The Library is so much different than when I was a kid. It's not just filled with MUSTY OLD BOOKS. There are computers, videos, CDs, Magazines! Wonderful Programs!! PLUS.....IT'S FREE!!!

Speaking of Library programs....Michael and I just went to a Storytelling performance. Very fantastic. A good laugh!!

Still been thinking a lot about volunteerism. With this new position, my schedule is a little bit more flexable and I could possibly have a day off to devote to volunteering. I'm not quite sure what I want to do. Girl Scouts? Church? Hospital Volunteer? Women's Shelter volunteer. There is just so much out there. My heart is just to help. I want to help do something. I hate being idle. I like being busy. I like being proactive and productive. I hate just sitting around. I HATE MEETINGS. What to do?

Off to bed!


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wanting to take a class at Archiver's

Don't know which class or crop I want to go to at Archivers. Arggggg!!!


Ok.......Ok.....Ok....I know I'm from Vermont, but I have turned into a weather wimp. Maybe it is because in Vermont they take care of the snow quickly. Anyway....Just drove Michael to work. It was horrible. Usually, I take him to work and then head off to work myself.We were sliding everywhere. I'm looking out the window right now and three guys are pushing a car up the hill. Whoa!!! I also hear Fire Trucks. Looks like I might not be going anywhere for a while. I feel guilty....but I live in Erlanger and I work in West Chester. That is a good 35 miles. Again, in Vermont 35 miles is not far, but here it is.


A Bulletin Board that I made :D

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Some the wonderful scrappers out there sent a R.A.K (Random Act of Kindness) to a guy in Utah. We sent our unused and unneeded stickers to him. Here is a link

Check out the picture of Brian. My envelope is the blue one on the right side!!

I love to surprise people!! When I worked at STJA I was the Random Acts of Kindness lady. I left flowers,magnets,mugs,and candy for many of the teachers and students at the school. It was so fun to sneek into their classrooms and leave the special treat!! :D My favorite teacher, Mrs. Zuccaro who still worked at STJA received some pink roses. I heard through the grapevine that she thought her husband sent them. Or maybe her priest. Ha! Ha!!!

I love to surprise people!!! :D

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Find your Spot

I actually moved to Cincinnati because of Find Your Spot.Com. Back in 2004 I was looking around the internet for summer jobs. I came across Find Your Spot. Com. It has a quiz about your likes and dislikes. Anyway....Cincinnati was #1 on my list. So when I was looking for a summer job that year I narrowed my search to the Cincinnati area! I ended up finding a wonderful internship at a church in Cincinnati.

I retook the quiz tonight. Here is my list that fits me!!!

1. Cincinnati
2. Carlise, PA
3. Cleveland, OH
4. Albany, NY
5. Minneapolis,MN
6. Altoona, PA
7. Duluth
8. Rocheschter, MN
9. Indianaplis, IN
10. Harrisburg, PA
11. Grand Rapids, MI
12. Columbus, OH
13. Roanoke, Va
14. St. Cloud, MN
15. St. Louis
16. Norfolk, VA
17. Bloomington, IN
18. Bismark, ND
19. Erie, PA
20. Syracuse, NY
21. Toledo, OH
22. Mansfield, OH

I guess Ohio and PA are good choices for me!!! Yahoooo!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

New Position Going Great!!

I LOVE my new position. It is really sooooooooo much fun! I can't believe that I get paid to dress in silly costumes and read wonderful books to children. It is a lot less stressful than being a classroom teacher. I have been getting home at a decent hour and am able to do other things. Yesturday, I bakes cookies, cleaned the bathroom, and talked to Stephanie for an hour and a half after work! Fun! Fun! Fun! Fun!!! Today I decorated the cover to my wedding scrapbook! :D Yehawwww!!! :D

Here is a picture

Maybe Stephanie and I will get the chance to go out for coffee tomorrow! We are so much alike it is scary :D


Check out my Storytime lady website

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Art and Life

I am working on a canvas. Not thrilled with how it is coming out. So I may just do a little changeroo. I saw a neat butterfly collage on Ali Edward's Website. Might do something with hearts. I have a great heart punch. Lots of texture and paint. Maybe buttons!! Oh how I love buttons.

Another project I want to get working on is a wedding scrapbook. I have a photo album full of photos but I really want to scrap the whole experience. Hopefully my mother with send me the pictures that I took of the details of the wedding. The little details were so important. The pew bows. The flowers that my mother and I did together on the morning of the wedding. I want to tell the story of the flower shop having no record of our order when I went in the day before the wedding to inquire when I could pick up my flowers. It's those little details that I want to remember. Our wedding was reallly us!! Fun!!!

Michael purchased some frames today at Michael's Craft store. They were on sale. We are slowly making this place more homey! It's hard with me being so busy with work. Hopefully things will change with this new position. Only one lesson plan to do a week :D Yahoooooooo!! :D Loving it! Now we have to put pictures in the frames! Ha! Ha!!!

Wanting to go to Churchill's Tea Shop downtown. I've always wanted to have afternoon tea. I just think it would be fun. I've also heard that the Bonbonerie has a good afternoon tea.

I sent the mailboxes that I made last weekend to my sister-in-laws. I knew they would appreciate them because two of them are card makers/scrappers as well!!

Gotta get ready for bed. Church starts at 8:30am. Am I crazy????



Thursday, February 7, 2008



1. Pad Thai

2. Paper Crafting with Photos Issue

3. Ali Edwards Life Artist Book

4. Target Mailboxes
5. Starbucks Raspberry Mocha
What I'm Up To:
A New Job: I love working with children. Yet, I don't like all the red tape and cruddy stuff that goes along with teaching. Soooooo...I am going to be the STORY TIME LADY! Exciting!!! Fun!!! I get to read wonderful books to children, play games, do crafts and not have to worry about all the other STUFF! I really hate red tape and meetings!!! Gosh I hate meetings. After working at a church, I DREAD MEETINGS. I use to bring markers and playdough to meetings just to keep myself interested. There is nothing like a meeting where everyone just sits around and chats about crap and no actual work gets done. Get to the point and let me get to working!!!
Fine Arts Fund Sampler Weekend: Michael and I will be attending several events of the Sampler Weekend. I love Mad Cap Puppets. So we are going to see that again this year. I want to see Indian Dancers as well. So much free culture! I'm loving it! I wish I had my camera! I miss my camera!!!
Thank Goodness tommorow is Friday!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Websites I love!!!

Websites I try to read at least twice a week!!!

A Silly Fish

A Scrapbooking Blog

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Los’s Blog

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Amy Peterman
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Found Magazine

Elizabeth Kartchener Blog
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The Wonderful Kershner Family

Kindergarten Tales

Mrs. Levin’s Preschool Class Webpage

The Awesome Sean Aiken
One Week Jobs.Com

Fellow Vermont Bred
Cincinnati Area
Scrap Artist

Scrap In Style TV

Danielle Thompson
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Altered Target Mailboxes

Just getting over yet another cold :P.

Been super artistically inspired lately. I have been doing quite a bit of writing lately as well as some altered paper craft stuff!! Check out the pics! Sorry if they are real camera is still in the shop :P Oh how I miss it!!!
Michael and I took a ride to Rising Sun today. It was a beautiful day!!! Rising Sun never disapoints. :D There is this sweet little antique shop that we love to go to. Rising Sun also has a great Harp shop. We would love to get a harp, but $1500 for a basic model is not in the budget :D It's just fun too look!!!
Bye for now!