Thursday, February 7, 2008



1. Pad Thai

2. Paper Crafting with Photos Issue

3. Ali Edwards Life Artist Book

4. Target Mailboxes
5. Starbucks Raspberry Mocha
What I'm Up To:
A New Job: I love working with children. Yet, I don't like all the red tape and cruddy stuff that goes along with teaching. Soooooo...I am going to be the STORY TIME LADY! Exciting!!! Fun!!! I get to read wonderful books to children, play games, do crafts and not have to worry about all the other STUFF! I really hate red tape and meetings!!! Gosh I hate meetings. After working at a church, I DREAD MEETINGS. I use to bring markers and playdough to meetings just to keep myself interested. There is nothing like a meeting where everyone just sits around and chats about crap and no actual work gets done. Get to the point and let me get to working!!!
Fine Arts Fund Sampler Weekend: Michael and I will be attending several events of the Sampler Weekend. I love Mad Cap Puppets. So we are going to see that again this year. I want to see Indian Dancers as well. So much free culture! I'm loving it! I wish I had my camera! I miss my camera!!!
Thank Goodness tommorow is Friday!

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