Thursday, February 14, 2008

Find your Spot

I actually moved to Cincinnati because of Find Your Spot.Com. Back in 2004 I was looking around the internet for summer jobs. I came across Find Your Spot. Com. It has a quiz about your likes and dislikes. Anyway....Cincinnati was #1 on my list. So when I was looking for a summer job that year I narrowed my search to the Cincinnati area! I ended up finding a wonderful internship at a church in Cincinnati.

I retook the quiz tonight. Here is my list that fits me!!!

1. Cincinnati
2. Carlise, PA
3. Cleveland, OH
4. Albany, NY
5. Minneapolis,MN
6. Altoona, PA
7. Duluth
8. Rocheschter, MN
9. Indianaplis, IN
10. Harrisburg, PA
11. Grand Rapids, MI
12. Columbus, OH
13. Roanoke, Va
14. St. Cloud, MN
15. St. Louis
16. Norfolk, VA
17. Bloomington, IN
18. Bismark, ND
19. Erie, PA
20. Syracuse, NY
21. Toledo, OH
22. Mansfield, OH

I guess Ohio and PA are good choices for me!!! Yahoooo!!!


  1. That's so cool...
    Your job looks awesome! I'm glad you love it!!!

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