Friday, February 22, 2008

The New Job, Storytelling Festival, and Making a Difference

* I am loving my new job. It is so wonderful. I get to be silly and creative! I don't have to worry about red tape and boring meetings. I get to use puppets and costumes. I get to read wonderful books. I get hugs when I walk into a room! It is wonderful! So joyful!

The only thing I must say that the down time between classes can be a bit boring. There is only so much prep time that I need. I go around and ask others if they need help with anything and most of the time it is no. Need to come up with a fantastic project to keep myself occupied. Hopefully once I compile the information from the Library surveys I should be able to getting working on the Library card drive. The Library is so much different than when I was a kid. It's not just filled with MUSTY OLD BOOKS. There are computers, videos, CDs, Magazines! Wonderful Programs!! PLUS.....IT'S FREE!!!

Speaking of Library programs....Michael and I just went to a Storytelling performance. Very fantastic. A good laugh!!

Still been thinking a lot about volunteerism. With this new position, my schedule is a little bit more flexable and I could possibly have a day off to devote to volunteering. I'm not quite sure what I want to do. Girl Scouts? Church? Hospital Volunteer? Women's Shelter volunteer. There is just so much out there. My heart is just to help. I want to help do something. I hate being idle. I like being busy. I like being proactive and productive. I hate just sitting around. I HATE MEETINGS. What to do?

Off to bed!


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