Saturday, February 2, 2008

Websites I love!!!

Websites I try to read at least twice a week!!!

A Silly Fish

A Scrapbooking Blog

10 Children’s Charities

50 Crafty Projects

Los’s Blog

Another Crafty Blog

Book Crossing

Courtney Walsh
Scrap Artist

Creating Keepsakes Magazine

Elsie Flannigan
Scrap Artist

Our New Church: Erlanger Baptist Church

Amy Peterman
Scrap Artist

Found Magazine

Elizabeth Kartchener Blog
Scrap Artist SOY

The Wonderful Kershner Family

Kindergarten Tales

Mrs. Levin’s Preschool Class Webpage

The Awesome Sean Aiken
One Week Jobs.Com

Fellow Vermont Bred
Cincinnati Area
Scrap Artist

Scrap In Style TV

Danielle Thompson
Love the Colors

Ali Edwards
Life Artist

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the link....I agree with you on quite a few of these! You've got some great ones here. (P.S. Don't you want those cute "recipe" cards of Elsie's?)
    Just a lil correction, I wasn't born in Vermont, but New York. I lived in Vermont for most of my early childhood, though!
    We should plan to get together.