Thursday, April 30, 2009

Graduation time again? Spring is going way to quickly. June will be here before ya know it!

Today I took pictures of the Pre-Kindergarten graduates! So cute! I wish I could show all the pictures, I got some really cute ones! Yet, I don't like putting pictures of kids up that I am not related to! This little kiddo above just knew how to pose! It was very funny!

I have been doing a painting project with a few of the Kindergarten classes! Its been fun! I always manage to get painty :D

Michael Playing Corn Hole! Last night was Game night at small group! It was a lot of fun! I always have a good time chatting with the people! I like this church. The people are friendly and welcoming. They actually talk to us. You would be surprised how many churches Michael and I tried out where we were never spoken to. Grace Fellowship has about 1600 people who attend. So it's a pretty large place, but I think that the church is great at being welcoming :D

Gene and Kevin playing Corn Hole

They were not happy that I was taking their picture :P

Michael and I were at Goodwill this weekend! When Michael saw this he declared "THATS IT! That is perfect for your ribbon! Isn't my husband sweet!? I'm going to change it up a bit and paint it! He was right it is just the perfect size!

This is me with my new favorite drink. I haven't had soda since Easter, so I've been trying different juices, teas, and water beverages! So far this is my favorite. It's Snapple Red Tea Raspberry and Pomagranite (Spelling anyone??) Anyway...It is YUM, YUM, YUMMY :D I could drink a case of this in a day!

So thats what is going on with me!

Have a lovely day!


And the winner is.....Laci J.
The box of goodies is headed your way!
Yay! I love goodies!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Old Prom Picture!!!

I've seen a ton of blogs lately where people posted their old prom photos!
So here is mine!
St. Johnsbury Academy Prom 1998
This is me with my date Kerry Manoppo! Who is now Dr. Kerry Manoppo!
I can't believe this was 11 years ago!
It seems just like yesterday :D
Have a lovely day!
Don't forget to the giveaway!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Little Giveaway!

I love Blogs!

I read a ton of them!

I'm always looking for new ones!

One of my favorite things on blogs are giveaways.

So lets do one here!

So here is the info!
Leave a comment below.
In the comment share a quote or scripture that means something to you!
Also if you have a blog, leave the URL and I do a big blog list next weekend!

Deadline: April 30th at 4:45am Eastern Standard Time

Shortly after I will choose a winner by random drawing!

The Giveaway includes

1 Metal Target Mailbox

1 Fancy Magnetic Note Pad

1 3"X 5" Acrylic Album by Scrapworks

1 Foam Stamp Set by Pebbles Inc. :Shape-A-roonies

2 Ikea Ram Picture Frames

1 IKEA Malma Wooden Mirror

Some other goodies yet to be determined!

Have a Lovely Day!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Happy Saturday!

Here is a card that one of the kiddos made in scrapbooking club! She attached the card using pipe cleaners so that it is pops out! Very cool :D
On Wednesday evening, Michael and I went for a walk! Everything was going great until we were heading across the parking lot and I tripped over this rock! I skinned my knee really badly! Michael helped me up, but he was laughing the whole time! He kept the rock!

A pretty that I picked up at Target!

Yummy! Chocolate covered strawberries!
The Tag is from the Jessica Sprague "Thank you Kindly" Digital Kit!
Thanks Jessica!

Some tulips that Michael got me last weekend!
I made this card for a lady in my small group at church! I took the pictures at the Cincinnati zoo. The flowers there this time of year are incredible!
I am addicted to Scrapbooking books and magazines! Yet I have something called Scrap Block. I see all the wonderful pages in the magazines and I get frightened that mine just won't cut it! I just recently came to the conclusion about a month or so ago that IT DOESN'T MATTER! It is more important just to get the story out there! So I've started a project to tell the stories of my childhood! Here are my first two pages! Yahooooo!
The patterned paper and Tag is from the Jessica Sprague "Thank You Kindly" kit! The bird is from The Krafty Girl Freebie Kit by Lisa Habbisreutinger

Silly Kid Conversation of the Week
A conversation with Little C:A 6 Year Old Boy
Little C: Ms Emily...PLEASSSSSSSE turn off Hannah Montana. It's horrible! (Covering Ears)
Me: What kind of Music do you like?
Little C: Sweet Home Alabama!
Me: I like that song too!
Little C: Do you know what my favorite song is?
Me: Tell me!
Little C: Baby got back!
Me: Really! Where did you hear that song?
Little C: My grandma plays that song!
Kids these days!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Did my brother inspire Napoleaon Dynamite?

Yes, that is an actual Senior Picture of my brother from 1988! Scary huh! Whoa! Even the lips are close!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Baby Blues

I really want to be a mama! I long to hear a little voice say, "I love you Mommy!" Michael and I are not actively trying to have a child. Michael reallly thinks that we should wait until we get ourselves into a better financial situation. While my head agrees with that fact, it's hard to tell my heart that. I will be 30 years old in July. So I'm not getting any younger.

I have PCOS which could possibly make having children impossible. That scares me! PCOS is a pretty serious thing. I take medicine for it and it has helped regulate some of the symptoms, but not all of them. The possible inability to have children, the extra weight, facial fair, thinning hair, and depression can be overwhelming at times. Honestly it's only through the grace of God that brings me through and sustains me. While its difficult and overwhelming, I take great comfort that God is in control! Does that mean I'm always happy? No. Does that mean that my emotions never take over? No. Yet, I know that I am loved and not forgotten by God.

I work with children everyday! I see about 500 children each week. Thats a lot of kids and a lot of hugs! I love my job and I can't picture myself doing anything else as a job. There was only once when I came to tears about not having a child. I was on a field trip with one of the summer camps last year to a water sprinkler park. There was this young Mom with a toddler there. Watching them splash and have fun really made my heart ache for my own childlessness. Why can't I have a little adorable toddler to chase around the water park? That was a hard day.

At work and with my family I get the question, "When are you and Michael going to have a baby?" I don't know how to exactly answer that question. Do I say that "we are working on it"? Do I say "Someday"? How do I answer that question?

Well...that is my ranting for now! Have a good evening!


What a touching video!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Lovely Spring

I found these blossoms hiding in a bush beside my house! What a lovely surprise
I took some photos near the local church!

Tulip Love

Just lovely!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sometimes its just the small things!

Sometimes its just the small things! Mmm...I just returned to Kentucky from my trip back east. Here a few pics! I will write more later! I need to get to bed!

My neice Lexi!

My beautiful cousin Hannah! I always wanted her hair! It is soooo beautiful!

My Dad!

Michael and my cousin Sam working on the crossword puzzle!

Me and My Grandpa!
The Grandchildren
(Left to Right)
Bryan, Erik,Sam,Joe,Hannah,Tony, Me
My Aunt Patty and her grandson I.
My Mom and my niece Lexi

We stopped off for lunch at Ben and Sara's house on the way back to Kentucky!

This is one of my super cute nephews M.

This is my newphew M. again with his Dad! These two are like peas in a pod!