Saturday, April 25, 2009

Happy Saturday!

Here is a card that one of the kiddos made in scrapbooking club! She attached the card using pipe cleaners so that it is pops out! Very cool :D
On Wednesday evening, Michael and I went for a walk! Everything was going great until we were heading across the parking lot and I tripped over this rock! I skinned my knee really badly! Michael helped me up, but he was laughing the whole time! He kept the rock!

A pretty that I picked up at Target!

Yummy! Chocolate covered strawberries!
The Tag is from the Jessica Sprague "Thank you Kindly" Digital Kit!
Thanks Jessica!

Some tulips that Michael got me last weekend!
I made this card for a lady in my small group at church! I took the pictures at the Cincinnati zoo. The flowers there this time of year are incredible!
I am addicted to Scrapbooking books and magazines! Yet I have something called Scrap Block. I see all the wonderful pages in the magazines and I get frightened that mine just won't cut it! I just recently came to the conclusion about a month or so ago that IT DOESN'T MATTER! It is more important just to get the story out there! So I've started a project to tell the stories of my childhood! Here are my first two pages! Yahooooo!
The patterned paper and Tag is from the Jessica Sprague "Thank You Kindly" kit! The bird is from The Krafty Girl Freebie Kit by Lisa Habbisreutinger

Silly Kid Conversation of the Week
A conversation with Little C:A 6 Year Old Boy
Little C: Ms Emily...PLEASSSSSSSE turn off Hannah Montana. It's horrible! (Covering Ears)
Me: What kind of Music do you like?
Little C: Sweet Home Alabama!
Me: I like that song too!
Little C: Do you know what my favorite song is?
Me: Tell me!
Little C: Baby got back!
Me: Really! Where did you hear that song?
Little C: My grandma plays that song!
Kids these days!

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  1. Great scrapbooking digi that lil bird. Mmmm...those strawberries look so good!!!