Saturday, August 28, 2010

Baking Skills!

This week I have been in a very Martha Stewart mood. Just needing to make something. Anything really. At the grocery last week they again had the most beautiful looking blueberries. I put a container or two in my cart. 
I found the most amazing blueberry muffin recipe. The sugar on top really added a bit more sweetness and sparkle to the muffin.
 On Wednesday, we had a meeting for all the special class teachers. I made a batch to share with everyone!  Made some pink lemonade too! 
It was so nice to get so many compliments on the muffins. Several of the teachers even took some home with them!! That just warms my heart!


  1. Humm I have a few blueberries, I hoard them actually LOL.
    Maybe share the recipe, looks delish.

  2. So sweet of you...mmmm...wish I was teaching with you!