Sunday, August 8, 2010

In my bag: August 2010

* Creating Keepsakes: September 2010 issue
* My favorite necklace! Made out of black ribbon and gray beads
* A pink razor 
* A Tiffany and Co box that has a broken necklace on the inside.
* My keys
* Two bracelets that were gifts
* A borders receipt for coffee, a milkshake, a cookie, and a raspberry sparkle cupcake
* My cellphone
* An apple corer and cutter
* Some leftover waterballoons
* Spare Change
* Paycheck stub 


  1. always interested in what others carry in thier bags. Teehee at the apple corer though

  2. LOL! Okay and what is up with the razor in your bag?

  3. Can we talk about the apple corer and your razor? So random, so Emily, so funny.