Sunday, August 1, 2010

A lane for slow grocery shoppers?! Directional signals on shopping carts?!

Each week, usually on Sunday I painstakingly go through the process of meal planning.  I choose the recipes!! I organize my shopping list by my stores layout.  I have a plan of attack and I’m ready to “go to the mattresses” with my handy list and my shopping cart. I charge into the store ready to grab lettuce and bread.  I know what I want and I know where it is.

Today I was well, slightly agitated before even entering the store. I wanted to get in and get out! I guess the fair shoppers at my local Kroger had an entirely different agenda.  Everyone was shopping at a snails pace. I kid you not there was a man in the soup section who was sitting on the floor picking up every can of soup. He was strategically placed directly in front of the cheese soup that I need for my crock pot cheesy chicken!

In every aisle there was someone parked in front of the item from my list. I was tired of saying excuse me. I just wanted to get in and get out! When it came time to go to the next aisle there was someone heading straight towards me ready to crash.A combination of battlefield and defensive driving! Am I Jedi Knight, a racecar driver, or a Midwestern suburban wife?  Sometimes the lines get a little blurry!

Recently I was watching this video from Improv Everywhere

While the video is a prank, it really gets you thinking! The tourists can have a lane in which to stop and take pictures without all those New Yorkers stepping on their heals.  The New Yorkers can have a lane in which to jog to work in.  It is a win-win situation!

I say we take the idea of purposed lanes a step further.  Why not have lanes for fast shoppers? A lane designed for those shoppers who know what they want and where it is! While we are at it lets put directional signals on shopping carts. No more wasting time in awkward moments trying to decipher where that person who is blocking your way is going to go next. Just put on your blinker to announce your intentions! These simple ideas will revolutionize the way we grocery shop!


  1. I specifically shop one hour before closing at the grocery store to avoid the slow pokes!

  2. Teehee this video is too funny LOL.
    I am a fast walker and shopper so I feel your pain LOl