Sunday, August 8, 2010

Cincinnati Sunday: Kentucky Symphony Orchestra

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Date: August 7th, 2010
Event:  Fun Fun Fun
(The Kentucky Symphony Orchestra Boogie Band
 returns to the simple '60s)

Location: Devou Park Bandshell

Covington, KY

After what seemed close to a month of unbearable humidity in Cincinnati, the weather finally took a turn towards the delightful! A slight breeze and the sounds of the Kentucky Symphony Orchestra set the stage for a great date night with my husband!
When you think of Kentucky, you don’t usually think of something as cultured as a symphony orchestra. Honestly, I was downright shocked and delighted to find out that we have one here. There wasn’t a whiskey jug or a banjo in sight. Sorry, but I bet I wasn’t the only one thinking that!
This was the second of the three part summer series sponsored by Toyota! Michael and I were two of thousands of other music lovers who made their way up to Devou Park. We spread a blanket out on the hill overlooking the band shell and ate our dinner of chips and sandwiches.
The concert featured special arrangements of 1960s classics by pianist, conductor, and arranger Terry LaBolt. Singers in sparkly dresses were included to offer up an exceptional show! A personal favorite was a rendition of “Fun, Fun, Fun!” It was impossible to not sing along or at least tap your toes! A large group of exuberant kids danced and twirled along in front of the stage! Adorable!
This series is an excellent family friendly event. What is better is that it is free! There is nothing quite as good as free cultural activities!(Donations are welcome)  To top it off, Tank offered a free shuttle service from Covington Catholic High School!
The third concert will wrap up the 2010 summer series on September 4that 7:30pm featuring a circus theme! So bring your family and a picnic dinner out to Devou Park for unique family friendly event.
Check out the Kentucky Symphony Orchestra website for further information!

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