Saturday, August 28, 2010

Etching Glasss: FAIL

Lately, I have been seeing tons of adorable etched glass items.  Lelan over at
Hello, Good Gravy made some really beautiful pencil jars as a back to school teacher gift! Lovely aren't they?!

Thought I would give it a try myself. So I gathered up my supplies
 Paint Brush, Punch, Glass, Etching Cream, Scissors, and Contact paper

Put my stencil on and added the cream
The first polka dot came out beautifully! But the rest didn't 
  What did I do wrong? Maybe I didn't leave the stencils on long enough. Maybe I left them on too long. Maybe you are not meant to go through the washing off process more than once. Maybe I didn't put on enough cream. Maybe I should  use a foam brush next time.

The vase was only $1.00, so I don't feel so bad messing up on it. I'm looking forward to trying again!

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  1. I have done glass etching before. I wish I could help you with this project, but not sure what happened as the first one turned out.

    I want to do an etching on my dad's tea mug. He drank tea all the time and my sister and I each took one of his favorite glass tea mugs. (actualy I think they are beer mugs LOL). I want to etch on them but not sure what to put.