Friday, July 30, 2010


One of my co-workers and I have a cooking club for elementary age kids. This week we made shells and cheese and hotdog sea monsters!  We don't have a stove at work, only an oven. Pasta is not meant to be boiled in an oven. Oh well! It was still tasty!

I am catching up on all the blogs that I read regularly! Elizabeth Kartchner had a fun post about quirks! Here are some of my quirks!

* I do not like canned corn
* I always have to sit on the end of a row!

* I iron with my left hand even though I am right handed!        (My mother is left handed)

* I do not like the words Phlegm, Panties, moist,and the name Peggy.

* I always gravitate to the right side of a room
* The sound of crunching ice drives me nuts!

What are your quirks?

Photos by Amanda McClain of Petite Productions


  1. Great pics of you! I, too, hate the word "panties." It's "underwear" at all times!! My quirk is that I can't stand using small spoons when eating cereal. It's a huge pet-peeve of mine.

  2. I have so many quirks its not even funny.
    I eat my food in layers.
    I know a girl named Peggy who has pink panties and coughs up moist phlegm LOL.