Monday, March 30, 2009

Remembering Grammie

My grandmother Wheeler died this morning. She had a stroke last night and was rushed to the hospital. My Mom and Dad were here on vacation and just left to head back to Vermont. Michael and I will leave on Wednesday or Thursday.

This is my Grandmother in the1980s.

This is my Grandmother in about 1993.

I remember my Grandmother playing Barbies and Strawberry Shortcake with me.

I remember my Grandmother riding her exercise bike while I would roller skated in her basement.

I remember taking walks with my grandmother.

I remember explaining in detail my paper on
Child Psychology...I was in 4th Grade!

I remember my Grandmother driving me to the my Jr. prom because Mom and Dad were out of town.

I remember calling her Young Grammie, even though my other Grandmother was the same age!

I remember my Grandmother watching MTV with me.

I remember how my Grandmother's house was so cleaned and always smelled good.

I remember how my Grandmother would set out the ironing board and use it as a buffet table during family holidays

I remember writing letter to my Grandmother when I was in college. She would write me back.

This was my Grandmother,Grandfather, Aunt Kathy, my Mom, and Aunt Patty back in September.

I took a great picture of my Grandmother back in October. It accidentally got deleted from my card before I could upload it. Oh...I wish I had it.

It will be nice to get to go home to Vermont. I have been homesick. Yet, I wish it didn't have to be under these circumstances.


  1. Emily, what great memories you have of her. I am so sorry for your loss. You are in my thoughts and prayers


  2. Dear Emily,
    I've been meaning to write. I'm so sorry about your grandmother's passing. I remember you talking about your grandmother at our scrapbooking night awhile back -- wasn't sure if she was the same one. I've been thinking of you. Hope your trip to VT went well.

  3. {hugs}

    7 years ago we went back to Vermont, when my "young" grandma died. I love how you wrote down your memories of your grandmother, and they reminded me of mine...who lived in Middlebury. I hope you have a nice trip back there!