Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I want another icecream sandwich!

Kids say the funniest things! I get to work with close to 500 kiddos each week, so I hear some real doozies! Here is a real conversation.

Scence: Scrapbooking Club for Students in Kindergarten-6th Grade

Characters: Me and Little A

Descriptions of Characters

Me: Teacher who likes to spoil kids

Little A: A tiny, spunky, and cute little Kindergartener.

Little A: Ms. Emily, I don't like this. (Handing me a a sliver of her uneaten ice cream sandwich. Her face was also covered with the ice cream sandwich)

Me: Thats fine. You can throw the rest away

Little A: But I didn't like THIS one, so I need another one.

Me: Well, Little A. you already ate almost all of the one you didn't like.

Little A: (Clearly getting frustrated with my not understanding her) But I didn't like that ONE so I need another one!

Me: Little A, everyone only gets ONE.I don't want you to spoil your dinner.

Little A: But Ms. Emily I didn't like that One. I won't tell my Mommy if you give me another one.

Me: (Speaking to the rest of the kids).Ok guys, lets grab our coats and go outside.

Little A: Ms. Emily please, Ms. Emily please, Ms. Emily please! MS. EMILY PLEASE! (full on pout now)

Me: Little A. can you show me where you jacket is?

Little A: SURE! It's in my Tinker bell back pack!

Too funny!

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