Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Try It Tuesday: Freezer Jam

For over a year I have been interested in learning how to can! I've read bunches of books and watched plenty of Youtube videos!

I found this video about making Freezer Jam. It seemed pretty easy to me! 

I purchased two packages of 8oz. jar. Each package has five jars. Love the purple lids!
Here is the pectin that I used. It is especially for making freezer jam. 
Three containers of starwberries
Crushing them with a potato masher was especially fun!

All three containers of berries mushed up!

Sugar and Pectin

 The berries mixed in with the sugar and pectin.

 Three containers of strawberries made seven 8oz. containers of jam.
Freezer jam is delicious. It was super easy to make and tastes wonderful on whole wheat toast. This is a good and safe first step into food preservation.


  1. Congratulations! I've never made freezer jam, but I love it...juicy and sweet, fresh tasting...I think it's best on English muffins!

  2. I made freezer jam for the first time last year.
    It was easy, and delish.
    I made blueberry :)

  3. Good for you! & you'll find out ...make a ton because the little containers make the BEST gifts ever! Those strawberries look so juicy! Yum! Hope you enjoyed some today!

  4. I ended up canning ( boiling jars) once and gave as gifts...I do freezer jam for us with the same pectin and it rocks! Love it and it's easier!