Saturday, January 3, 2009

Project 365!

For 45 minutes it was mass chaos in my scrap room as I was attempting to purchase the Creating Keepsakes Kit of the Month. CK did tons of publicity for this particular kit and there was quite a buzz in Scrapbook land!

It was scheduled to go on sale at 11:00am eastern time. So at exactly 11:00am on January 1st I sat down at the computer to order my kit. It was frustrating because the site kept crashing. I finally did manage to get the kit in my on-line shopping cart. When I checked out the total amount was $0. So that was confusing! I sent a very nice e-mail for clarification and quickly received a reply to my questions! Yay CK! So I am getting the amazing Project 365 Kit.

Here is a picture of what I will be getting

The project is to document every day of a year with pictures, journaling, and other bits and pieces.

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  1. What an amazing kit! It looks great. Is there a spot for 365 pictures? I looked it up on-line and was trying to figure that out. So much fun!!! I'm glad you got one! Have fun. You will LOVE your finished project!