Saturday, January 17, 2009

Valentines and Butt Paste

Now that I have my Christmas/New Years cards stamped and ready to go, I started working on a Valentine's cards! Ok...I know I'm a slacker. Decemeber went so quickly and so is January! Soooooo I'm finally getting around to sending those Christmas cards :D

I was playing around with the "Shape of Love" Digital Kit by Sharia Braxton. The kit can be found here . What at cute kit :D

This is one of the ideas I came up with. I won't be using that photo, but just stuck that one in for playing around with!

It's 10:21 pm and I haven't eaten dinner. Had a REALLY late lunch, so looks like I'm going to have a really late dinner :P

My computer has been blue screen of deathing a lot lately. I can't stand it. We are saving $1 coins in a jar on my desk. We have about $450 saved up so far. When I get angry at the computer I shake the jar infront of our current computer. I have to show it who is boss! Ya know what...the computer usually acts better after shaking the jar of coins at it. Ha! Ha! Ha!

A friend of mine from work is having her baby shower next week, so I went to Babies "R" Us. Wow!!! I love that store! I got her a paci holder and the butt paste that she wanted! I also got a cute onesie and book to tuck in the box.

Here is my plug for Boudreaux’s Butt Paste. First off...I love the name. I just think its funny! I've actually used it on some baby's at work, so it smells pretty good. I've heard rave reviews for lots of people.I usually get it for baby shower gifts. It gets a good laugh out of everyone!

Here is my collage of the day for Project 365!

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