Saturday, June 26, 2010

Blank Walls

This is the blank wall that greets me every time I walk into the kitchen. It's so white! It's so blank! Does anyone have some fun ideas for what to put on this wall?


  1. i can't believe that you, miss creativity, have this blank wall! i never seem to have enough walls for what i want to hang :). you could do a fun black and white pics assortment. you could do those decorative phrases that people put up on their walls. you could frame some pics from books/magazines in ikea frames (i saw this in a realtor magazine) -- i've thought i could do something like this with some of the kid book dustcovers. i LOVE vintage travel posters. i've gotten some of mine on ebay. that's what i have in my kitchen though you can't really see them behind all the piles! you could take a trip to tjmaxx/target -- i ALWAYS see stuff there that makes me what to decorate. anyway, hope to see an AFTER picture soon!

  2. like this:,com_virtuemart/page,shop.browse/category_id,13/Itemid,1/

  3. I also made some scrumptious was a Jamie Oliver recipe...posted it on my blog a couple of weeks ago!

    I saw a cute and simple idea of buying stretcher bars and covering it with pretty fabric.