Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Here are a few shots of our Saturday morning!
 This is a mural we passed on our way to Findlay Market. Findlay Market is a great place to visit in Cincinnati! Great food! Great handmade stuff! A people watchers paradise!

 The view above the ATM machine!

 Lovely Lemons!
 In the window of a delightful little bakery!
 A street performer!
 Grapes we bought at Findlay Market and enjoyed at our little picnic at Spring Grove!
 Two ladies painting the foliage at Spring Grove
 Love the reflection on the water!

Have a super Wednesday!


  1. This does look like a beautiful place to see. Love your photography.
    I am so a people watcher. I can sit in the mall and just gawk at shoppers most of the day. Nuts I know :)

  2. love that pic with the reflection in the water. Hint...could you send that one to me. It would be great with the other one you gave me. a pair!! love the blog. mari