Saturday, November 27, 2010

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

This is what I saw outside my window on Friday!
I am so excited! Its a bit of a miracle since it was nearly 75 degrees on Monday!
Time to once again start wearing these!  My mother made them for me last Christmas! Isn't the pattern beautiful! I would love them in red, gray, and blue!
Here is the amazing homemade dessert that we had last night! Chocolate Chip Cookie Brownies. Chocolate chip cookies are good! So are brownies! Put them together, magical!
Wait, what is that box in the background?
All right, they are not exactly homemade! They are from a box, but you couldn't tell! Delicious! Delicious! 
Went to Michael's this morning. I had the 20% off coupon from the newspaper.Picked up some more felt, some card stock, clear glass, ornaments, a stamp, and a stamp pen! They had a ton of Cricut cartridges, but I was good and didn't get one
Michael is working today, so I have the whole afternoon to myself! A little crafting and some Christmas movies! I just finished watching "The Christmas Shoes".  It had me bawling. I'm such a sap! I love a good story!

Have a good afternoon everybody!



  1. sounds perfect! the crafting, christmas movies and hopefully leftover dessert!

  2. Hi Emily :) Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and your kind words :) I agree with Jill, crafting, Christmas movies, leftover dessert sound perfect :)

  3. Your mom Made those mitts and toque, WOW I am so impressed.
    What could be better then, Christmas movies, warm chocolate and creating. What I ask??? Nothing :) Hope you enjoyed your day.

  4. I know...I love the snow...your mom is amazing! Talented.

  5. That looks cold!
    The cookies look so yummy. My favorites combined;-D