Sunday, November 23, 2008

Of Coin Jars, Chocolate Brownies, and Guilty Pleasures!

This jar is now sitting on top of my computer. This is my computer savings account. This my friends is full of gold dollars! When this jar is full I will be able to purchase a new computer! Yahooo! No more blue screen of death here people! I am convinced that my present computer knows that this jar is here and knows what this jar means. It should be afriad, very afraid, because it is being replace! Ha! Ha! Ha!

I spoil the girls in the scrapbooking club! I make yummy treats! Last week made these ooey-gooey brownies! Yummy!

Here is the turkey that I used for one of my little songs during story time!
Ok...I have to admit that I have bought into the whole Twilight hyteria! Ok...I know I'm 29 years old, not some Teenie-Bopper, but these books are good. Good as in the sense of Soap Opera good and cheesy romance books good. The Twilight series is just a guilty pleasure! You don't always have to be reading some intellectual book!
My mind is made up! I am getting a Cuttlebug! It's cheap and it does it's job! Plus it's just so cute! I've solicited the opinions of several scrappers and the Cuttlebug comes hightly recommended! So...The day after will be mine!

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  1. Hi Em,
    I love your new layout. So fun to see what's going on :). Hope you guys have a nice Thanksgiving! What are you guys doing for it?