Saturday, February 28, 2009

I've been tagged

Marfa tagged me today! So I'm going to play along!

Open your 5th Photo Folder

Post your 5th Photo in the Folder!
Then Tag five people!

So.....drumroll please

I took this picture this past fall. The other day I was playing with it in Photoshop! Fun!



Hmmm...I can only think of 2 people to tag :P


  1. Thanks for tagging me - I will do my post once I get home, settled and have access to photos.

    I love your photo - isn't it funny to play around.

  2. That's really cool...when I was young, I got a subscription to "World" magazine and on the back they'd have close-up photos of various things and we'd guess what they were, then look at the answer and see if we were right. Well one little square on that flower would've been on of those images...