Saturday, February 21, 2009

Yesterdays Cafe and Tea room!

I will never buy a tea bag at the grocery store again!
My experience at Yesterday's Cafe and Tea room was wonderful!! My experience at Yesterdays has turned me into a "TEA" person!

( The Tea Room Sign)

(The Back door to the tea room)

We arrived a bit early, so we had a look around the shop. They had a wonderful selections of tea and tea wares.We were seated at a quiet little table. The place setting was exquisite.
We were promptly offered a glass of refreshing ice tea. It was a black tea. It was not sweetened but had such a fantastic flavor, that a sweetener was not needed.

One of the marvoulous staff members brought over a box filled with artistic flowering tea balls. The staff member explained in details about each of the blooming teas. We chose a red carnation.

( This is what the blossom looks like when it has been steeped.)

Our 1st course was a delightful small bowl of broccoli soup! Yummy!
We were next served a delightfully buttery and flakey mini quiche! Yum!
Followed next by a citrus scone and lemon curd.

Next we were offered the Tea menu. I was hightly impressed with the wide selection of teas available. We chose a caramel tea, which was incredible. Very smooth and comforting!
Finally the 3-tier tea tray was brought out.

The bottom plate had a delicious chicken salad croissant! Very flavorful!

The middle tier had a sweet tea sandwich.

The top tier was a tea infused cookie! Yum! Yum! Yummy!

We found the staff to be very knowledgeable about tea. They were very attentive. They kept our tea cups and ice tea classes full! A very pleasant experience.

Our final offering of the tea was a caramel bread pudding! It was out of this world good. Very rich! The portion was just the right size!

Well done Yesterdays Cafe and Tea room! Thank you for the wonderful experience! We will be back again!

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  1. Emily
    I am so glad that you had a great time at the Tea room. Sorry I haven't be by in awhile, I am visiting a friend and haven't had much computer time. You are doing a great job with your pictures

    Karen W