Sunday, February 8, 2009

Tea Time

I've been interested in tea and the art of tea time for a few years now. Yet, you would be surprised that I have never actually been to a REAL tea before. It has been on my TO-DO list for a few years, but have never really gotten around to it.
2009 will be the year! I just found out that there is a Tea House very close to our home! I'll start there and then branch out from there.

Found Tea Time Magazine today at Borders. Another magazine to add to my collection of subscriptions!

In Tea Time magazine I found out about The Ladies Tea, which is a great magazine that encourages and inspires women into friendship! I love the idea, because I am always looking for new friends! So I think I might just host my own Ladies Tea.


  1. Oooh la la....sounds like something I've been thinking about too. I might host one for the ladies in my church!

  2. I love going to Tea. I have treated myself when I have travel to different areas. My favorite 2 spots have been the Empress Hotel in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada and Harrods in London.
    Take the time and go - I'm sure you will love it!