Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Place Cards, Flowers, BBQ, and Random Acts of Kindness

Place setting at the End of Year Scrapbooking club party! I made the place cards. The kids made the napkin holder! So sweet! We had fun! We ate cupcakes! Did a project and played a game! Fun! Fun! Fun! Yet, some of the younger children didn't understand that scrapbook club is over until September! They thought I should have made cupcakes for them anyway!

I haven't had fast-food since the day before Easter! I haven't had soda either! It's not that difficult really. I would like a Sierra Mist or a Sprite, but I don't NEED one!
Yet, fastfood is not what this picture is about. This picture is about Random Acts of Kindness! When I lived in Vermont and worked at St. Johnsbury Academy I was always doing Random Acts of Kindness! It was a regular part of my life. Since moving to the Cincinnati, I kind of got out of the practice! I have been feeling a bit out of sorts lately and I thought that doing some Random Kindness would boost me out of the gray! It worked!!!
Shhhh....Here is what I did! I payed for the meal for the person who drove up behind me at the Wendy's drive through! I also bought some flowers and handed them out to people in the Sam's club parking lot! People don't expect other people to be nice without some kind of "catch". It was wonderful to be kind with no strings attached! No "catch"

A beautiful flower on a tree in the Mother of God neighborhood of Covington, Kentucky

Father and Son! Michael's Dad came for a visit! We went to Mai Fest! What a beautiful day!

Michael eating German Sausage! Mmmmmm! I just wanted the SauerKraut!

The only two people dressed up in German gear! Where was the guy playing a tuba? How can you have a German festival without a guy playing a tuba?
During a street show! Something was funny!

We went to Famous Dave's BBQ.Mmmm!! Really good BBQ!

Michael gave blood!

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  1. Sounds great...I love the RAK stories! It makes me feel so good when people are nice AND makes me feel good when I surprise someone with kindness!!! What's the Mai Fest? German thing? Looks pretty cool. Those roses are lovely...what a nice name of town "Mother of God!"