Sunday, May 31, 2009

What is new!

New shoes! Yay! I was forever looking for shoes that were girly, fully covered my toes and still worked with my capri pants! You might not be able to see but they have a cute eylette pattern on them! Yay!
A new Shower head! Double yay! Our other shower head broke about 10 weeks ago. We asked the maintanance guys in our complex to come fix it. They kept saying that they'd get to it. It never happened. A lovely trip to Bed Bath and Beyond and now we have an amazing shower head! My old place had a shower handle and I really missed it, nice to have one back! The water pressure is amazing as well!

A 10X8 layout I did!

I took this picture after the pre-school graduation that I attended on Friday. There was a balloon release and this lovely red balloon was the last one! I snapped a quick picture! Doesn't it just remind you of being free?

Speaking of balloons! Michael and I went to see UP yesterday! It may be a kids movie, but it was very good! It had such a good story to it! It has those ups and downs that keep you interested. It wasn't overally cutesy. Just good! You should see it!

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  1. I would like to see UP!
    I'll have to look for you on Facebook! My name there is a pseudonym: Martha Scrumptious. Speaking of sasparilla, my husband just made some this weekend for Olivia's birthday. Mmmm!