Saturday, March 6, 2010

Try It: Shaker Village at Pleasant Hill

  We enjoy going on day trips together. We haven't been on one in ages. Today we headed south to the Shaker Village at Pleasant Hill.

  Hmmmm....She doesn't look happy does she?

 Michael working on some quilt stiching

Dried flowers
 This woman made the most beautiful woven pieces!
This is one of the pieces she made.

A friendly goat!

 Just caught me as funny!

 The placement of his sticker is totally on purpose! What a dork!

An actual picture of me!!!

I *heart* picket fences!


  1. Great photos! Goodness me the Shaker Village really looks like something out of the stone age - people really still live like that or are they just acting?! LO your hubby's sticker on his sweatshirt & love your photo of the picket fence ;-D

  2. Meant to write LOL! re: the sticker!

  3. I absolutly adore your hubby.
    I also love picket fences.