Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Try It: Church Visits Week #1

Since getting married, Michael and I have not been able to find a church home. We have attended a few churches for a while,but nothing felt like home. The last church which we've been attending for over a year has a great Pastor and we attended a great small-group. We both feel that serving in the church is very important and we sought out opportunities to serve. I contacted the youth and children's ministry leaders to find out how to volunteer. I filled out two applications. I sent two volunteer resumes and tried to make several contacts by e-mail and phone to the leaders. I never got a response. Then in the bulletin we would read how the children's and youth ministry needed more volunteers. Its hard to volunteer if nobody gets back to you.

So Michael and I are done with just "GOING" to church. We want to be involved. So the church search has begun. This past Sunday we went to two churches. The first one we attended was OK. I was very excited that they seemed to have lots of opportunities for service inside the church as well as in the community.

The second church we attended was Lakeside Christian Church. It is a pretty big place. Actually it is enormous! They really rolled out the carpet for visitors. They had parking spaces for visitors. They had a gift bag filled with goodies and information about the church. When we first arrived we were greeted by several very friendly people. At least two people came up to Michael because they recognized him from work. That really made a BIG impression on him. We went over to the welcome desk to find out some more information about the church. The lady who was staffing the booth was very friendly and helpful.

The sanctuary was a sanctuary. What I mean by that is it was not a multipurpose space. It was a beautiful two-level sanctuary with stained glass windows! There were comfortable pews. It was really light and breathtaking in there. Worship was amazing. I felt the presence of the Lord there.

From what I've been reading and hearing about the church is that it is highly involved in the community. It puts a high priority of fulfilling the Great Commandment to " Love your neighbor as yourself!" This is very important to us.

Michael and I have committed to visiting churches until the 28th of March when we will visit our top two. If you are the praying type, we would ask for prayer for guidance in which church to become involved with. 

Here is a random pictures from last year's summer camp! It reminds me to keep growing!

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  1. I will pray that you find a good church. Sounds like the 2nd one is perfect for you two. Keep us updated!