Sunday, August 23, 2009

11 Hours in the Car?

I've been keeping track this past week and I spent more than 11 hours in the car Monday-Friday. That is one heck of a horrible commute! I love, love,love,love, love my job. Yet, the one thing that stinks is the commute. I drive about 35 miles (one way) to work. In Vermont 35 miles is not a long way, because it only takes you about 30 minutes to get there. Not in Cincinnati.Holy cow...11 hours sitting in a car doing NOTHING. I try to use some of my time sitting in traffic calling people and bugging them during dinner time. I could listen to books on CD. I could listen to the sermons I put on my MP3. Yet that is boring. Anyone have any suggestions on what I can do make all the time spent in the car fun!?

Emily's List of What She Could do with an additional 11 hours a week

1. Clean the house (Hmmmmm...Maybe not)

2. Learn to bake bread

3. Go to the Gym more often

4. Scrapbook

5. Learn how to do my hair and make-up

6. Make my house look cute. I currently have no curtains in the living room or kitchen. I have huge blank white walls in the kitchen that are begging to be filled.

7. Volunteer

8. Learn to play the guitar

9. Start some kind of business

10. Take up ballroom dancing

11. Drive to PA to visit Michael's family

12. Drive to Chicago and back!

13. Make some friends.

14. Cook fancy dinners like in Real Simple Magazine

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