Sunday, August 16, 2009

I love Weekends!

I picked up the platter that I painted last Friday! I love it! I love the red! It matches the kitchen so well. The dragon fly came out pretty well also. Does it look familiar? Yes, it is from a Cricut cartridge. I cut out a piece of contact paper in the shape of the dragon fly. I ever so carefully put in on the platter and then painted around it. When it was dry I pulled it off! Easy! I'm sure I'll use that technique again!
Michael and I went to a BBQ with my work people. It was pretty fun! We didn't stay to long because we had other plans that afternoon. Ben, the guy with the orange shirt managed to beat me at cornhole. It looks like an easy game, but its actually harder than it looks.
Michael and I headed down to Lexington for a Lexington Legends baseball game. Minor league games are so much more fun than the majors. First off, the tickers are very reasonable. The food prices are cheaper and the fans are a lot less rude and annoying. Except this time a group of about 6 Boy Scouts were throwing a baseball around right in front of us. We asked them to move. So one stayed in front of us and the other 5 moved behind us. So, they were throwing the ball above our heads as we sat on our picnic blanket. I told Michael that I was going to keep their ball if it hit me one more time. I tried to catch the security people's attention, but they were too busy talking on their cellphones. It landed on our blanket. Michael very politely asked them to move someplace else to play. They talked back to Michael. First off, you are Boy Scouts,You are suppose to be polite. Second, I would not mess with a man who is 6 feet 3 inches tall. Who knows where their leaders were. Oh well.

Anyway the man above was juggling running chainsaws while balancing on a skateboard on a tube. I'm pretty sure his name was Crazy Carl. They have a weird sense of what is entertaining in Kentucky!

Our traditional baseball game photo!

They had amazing fireworks after the game!

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  1. Beautiful that dragonfly design, so simple, yet stunning!