Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ok...So I've been sick again :P I'm just plain tired of having Sinus infections. So I've taken plently of rest and have been taking the meds. I feel better. The DR. told me that if I get another one this year that I need to go to a Ear, Nose, and throat specialist. 4 sinus infections in one year is not good. I'm so done with them!

This is an inspiraton jar that I put together for a new friend. It was full of scripture, quotes, and journaling prompts! I made a cute little gift bag for her. I put in bath salts, candles, and gum. Everything was very matchy matchy! I love making gifts!

I have totally found my new hobby! Painting pottery. This is a mug that I did last week. I know it's kinda ugly! But I love it! I don't love the mustard color, but I love that I painted it. I am planning on going back on Friday to do some dessert plates. I found out that I can make templates out of contact paper that I cut on my Cricut! Yay fun! I think I might do some cool birds or something. We shall see!

I am loving the East of Eden Mini Series! Been watching that while I've been sick at home. Man Jane Seymour can play one evil woman. Whoa! So good!


  1. That looks like a great movie...I can't believe I haven't seen it yet! I thoroughly enjoy painting pottery, have done it twice, I think!!!

    Yellowstone was great! I added some photos to Facebook! I sure hope you feel better soon. XO Martha

  2. Hey you! Haven't been able to access my blogs lately but finally tonight have bookmarked them on Micah's computer too (my computer is sick right now...). Sorry you're sick! You know what's strange is that of all the 100's of books in my house, when I went to grab one down to start today, the one I grabbed was "East of Eden" so now I know there's a good movie to watch afterwards too!