Saturday, August 8, 2009

Emily and NVH go to the World's Longest Yard Sale

I've always heard that "One Person's Trash is Another Person's treasure". N.V.H (Non-Vermonter Husband) and I like to go yard-salein' and to thrift stores. In the past we've had some pretty good success rading other peoples trash...I mean treasures! A $20 guitar for N.V.H, a giant stash of Leggos for $ 5, and some really great white ceramic bowls that are great for putting salsa in. We know a bargin when we see one.

So N.V.H, not to be confused with NVRH which is a hospital(he,he) decided that we should attend the "World's Longest Yard Sale". Ok I thought "why not!?" I was thankful he didn't want to take a drive all the way down to the end of it in Georgia, so I was pretty happy to wade through the sales in our area. It did not disapoint. We started at Main Strasse village. Nothing really caught my eye down there. I did manage to get a picture of the sign announcing the event. I'm a sucker for signs!

So anyways, N.V.H and I drove around. There were tables set up all over the place. Sketchy guys pulled over to the side of the road hawking things like headboards, baby clothes, and exercise equipment. The whole day was fit for people watching. The most ummmm...colorful personalities come to the giant yards sales.

Then we found the mecca of all-yard saleishness :D The Catholic church yard sale. (Insert angel music hear) It all fairness it was actually a parking-lot sale. There were the church ladies and gentlemen selling hamburgers in which we partook of. Then, my new favorite KONA ICE was there as well. If that is not good enough for ya, I got a white gravy boat for $1 and a very small serving platter for another $1. It pays to go at the end, because while the items might be picked over, you can't beat the prices for the stuff left over. Thats when you can usually find that diamond in the rough. Michael (N.V.H) also picked up a very nice castiron pan!

Some of the items ready to purchase on Main Strasse

I love seeing glassware all set out in pretty rows like this. I have far too much of it at home. I've been suckered into buying more by looking at displays like this.

A Kentucky uniform shirt.

Jugs ready for the whiskey!

I'm pretty sure that this was not for sale, but N.V.H kept asking me to take pictures of it. So thats just what I did.

Thats it for now folks, I'm a fixin' to head out to see Julie and Julia. Hey, did I just say fixin'? Oh well!

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