Friday, August 14, 2009

What Work Looked Like Today

Happy Friday! I haven't blogged on here for quite a while! I have been blogging on for a bit now. I think I'll continue to blog at both. I have a lot to say and just one blog can't hold all of my thoughts and opinions! Ha! Ha! (Ummm that was a joke!)

Work has gotten pretty busy lately. The new school year will be starting soon and that means storytime will be starting up again. Honestly, I could do storytime all year long. Maybe with a few breaks here and there. I am so blessed to have a career that I LOVE. I get to do the fun part of teaching, reading books, doing art projects, playing games. I don't have to deal with all the paper-work and other hassles of being a classroom teacher. I also get to write,take pictures, and blog for work! I am so blessed!

This is what work looked like today!

Setting up the water balloons ready to be smashed over someone's head!

Cotton Candy, Popcorn, and Snow Cones!

A very friendly clown!

Getting Drenched!

The end of summer carnival! I love it! The kiddos get to dunk their counselors, eat GOBS of cotton candy, popcorn, and snow cones! They got to bounce,jump, and climb all they want! What a fabulous day!

Like I said in the post before painting pottery has become my new hobby! I made painted this a couple of weeks ago when I went with one of the summer camps to You're Fired! in Oxford! It was one of the best field trips of the summer! The kids loved it! The counselors loved it! The staff at You're Fired! is amazing! I wish that I lived closer to Oxford, I would go all the time! The above sign reminds me to create and not worrry about all the "stuff" that can take away from that drive to be creative!

Here is what I'm doing tomorrow!

1. Picking up my serving tray that I painted last week at the pottery shop!

2. Going to a BBQ at the home of the boss! :D

3. Drive to Lexington and to see THE TIME TRAVELER'S WIFE

4. Go to a baseball game

5. Watch fireworks after the baseball game!

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