Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Daily Happiness Days 1-3

Working on a new take on the project 365. Everyday I want to remember something that brought be happiness!! Here are days one through three.

Michael and I surprised  his mother for her 60th birthday! She was shocked when we showed up on Friday afternoon. On Sunday, we had a surprise party for her at Applebee's. When we walked in she was excited to see all of her grandchildren. Then she noticed some other people waving at her. She thought she recognized them. In fact, she did know them! It was great to surprise someone who had no idea!
On Monday we drove back to Kentucky. Michael made me happy by doing most of the driving! Being able to sleep made me very happy!

Three days a week, I have a scrapbooking club for school-age children at some after-school programs. This week I am having a photo shoot of the kids holding a large paper heart. With my photo editing program I went back in and added in the "Happy Valentine's Day!". Next week the kids will be making valentine's cards with their pictures!


  1. I like your idea to document "daily happiness." We could all use some! :)

  2. what a great, great idea for the kid's valentine's! i love it. glad you're back home safe & sound :). cute pic of mari too with her necklace. very fun!