Friday, February 26, 2010

Menu Planning and What I'm Reading

Menu Planning

Fed up with eating out far to often, I have decided to actually plan meals. To many of you this may not be the most earth shattering idea. For our family it has really made a big difference. We are consuming much healthier foods.We are wasting less time thinking about what to have for dinner every night. Not to mention the less last minute trips to the grocery store eating up time.  

Each evening has a different theme.

Monday: Breakfast for Dinner
Tuesday: Crock Pot Dinners
Wednesday:Pasta or Casseroles
Thursday: World Food Night
Friday:Sandwich night!

The food is simple.With our busy work schedules it feels so nice to have a plan!

What I'm Reading!
I've recently been reading "The Happiness Project" by Gretchen Rubin. It is just what I need to be reading this time of year. The gloomies tend to creep in this time of year.Just by reading this book and thinking of the concept of being happy is making me happier. Speaking it into being? Maybe!

The author strives to make her life happier. Is that even possible? Without moving to a private island or other such radical life changes she wants to make her everyday life happy. She sets monthly goals such as  "Being Serious About Play" and "Pursue a Passion" to give her project a nice framework. 
The author came to the realization that she was in danger of "wasting her life away." I can relate to this. We can let the blah and drudgery of everyday get to you. Life can seem dull when all you do is just "exist" in a haze and not take the time to notice all the truly wonderful things going on. Being mindful and deliberate in the way you choose to act and feel. 
This book has been a real joy to read. The author writes in a manner that is easy to connect to. She is transparent and shares her challenges as well as her successes. I have been inspired to step out of my own "hum drum" life and try something new. 

So I am going to strive to try/make something new every week. A new recipe! A new craft project! Meeting someone new! I plan to document in this blog what new things that I am trying!
Off to bed!


  1. very fun! i have that book on my wishlist on paperbackswap. sounds like a good read. i usually loosely meal plan but things definitely go way better when i do. what i really need is to experiment more! world food night sounds fun :). hope you guys are having a nice weekend. i'm looking forward to hearing about your "new" things of the week!

  2. Sounds like a great book...I'm going to see if the library has a copy of it! Thanks!!!