Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine's Day is in the little details

I love Valentine's day! Pink, Red, Lace, hearts, glitter,what is not to love? A few weeks ago in Scrapbooking club the kids made valentine wreaths. The room was aflutter with hearts, paper, glue, and ribbon! Tons of fun! I really love what the kids came up with. The blue and green wreath above was made by a 5th grade boy! Its exciting to have boys so excited about scrapbooking and paper crafting, just as much as girls!
This past week, the kids made valentine using the pictures that I took the week before. ADORABLE!

 Holidays in the classroom are one of the things I miss the most about being a classroom teacher. There is so much excitement in the air. The day of the holiday parties are usually the most crazy. This year was no exception. 
 With my current position as the traveling storyteller, I get the opportunity to visit over thirty classrooms each week. I really enjoy seeing all the little valentine details in the classrooms! The bulletin board where the teacher asked her Kindergarten class what they would do if they were cupid was especially darling.

I "crashed" a few of the classroom parties. 

This week in the storytime, the preschool children played "Pin the Lips on Mr. Heart". 

The Pre-Kindergarten children were very excited to work on a candy heart counting project. I gave each child a bag of fifteen candy hearts. They separated the candies by color and counted how many of each color they had. They then made a graph representing the amount of candy hearts for each color. The best part? Eating the candy hearts of course!


The best part of my job is getting to share books with close to 500 children each week. It warms my heart to see how excited the children get about books and reading. The children in this picture squealed with delight when I brought in this Big Book in with me.  They kept pointing at i and saying, "BIG BOOK!"


Here is a little treat that I made for Michael. It's super yummy!(I've had two pieces already!)

Goodnight and have a lovely Valentine's Day!


  1. Fun post. I'd been keeping my eye out for a new one. Love your cookie heart for Michael too!

  2. Hey, I stole your idea, and we made one for Micah too! It turned out perfect (I was afraid it wouldn't so I went on-line and read some tips) :). So yummy! Thanks for the idea.

  3. I particularly got a kick out of the numerous "if you were cupid" responses that were along the same lines of being shot in the rear.