Saturday, September 13, 2008

Feeling Better, Women Ministry, and Crafting

It's Saturday! The Sun is shinning! The pink eyes have gone away! Thank goodness! I am feeling so much better! I was just in such a funk last week!

Do you ever just get that feeling that you should be doing something....but it scares you to death. Well, for me that is speaking in front of adults! I can talk all day in front of a group of children. If I have to talk in front of other adults I get the shakes and my voice quivers! Not such a good thing! Yet for the last two or three years I've just felt like I really need to get involved somehow with Women's Ministry. I really want to connect with other women. I'm not just talking about surface "How ya doing?" kind of relationship but actual friendships with other women. After college and Camp Sonshine it has been really hard to meet people. Most of the women I work with are into going to bars and dancing! Not my cup of tea! I've talked to a few other women and they feel the exact way. Our society is so into quick communication that we don't take the time anymore to actually get to know other people! It's just so sad. A few months ago I tried to plan a Girls Night Out with the teachers at my schools. I invited over 100 women and only 4 other women showed up! A bit disapointing. Yet, I know that I should try again! I found this Women's Ministry Website! It looks very intresting. I wonder if other women at church would be interested in something like GirlFriends Unlimited!?

I went to Dollar Tree to find my 2 year old niece a Birthday Gift! Ok..You may be thinking....Oh that Cheapy...but really you can get cool things there. My niece Lexi is really into "Helping" her Mom. So I bought her a bowl, a spatula, a duster, and a hand broom and dust pan! So Dollar Tree I found the cutest felt doily (Spelling Anyone??) things! 5 of them for a $1. Not so bad!

Cute Huh!!

A card for my Brother and his Wife

Off to Jessica in Utah!

Going to get my outfit ready for church tomorrow! We will not be late tomorrow!

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  1. Hi Emily!

    I'm a writer for the Girlfriends Unlimited ministry you mentioned in your blog post. I love the way you expressed yourself in this post and the reasons you are looking for a new kind of women's ministry. I'd like to know if I could have your permission to quote you in our next Girlfriends leadership newsletter. I'd like to use your post as an example of how women are attracted to Girlfriends Unlimited and what they are looking for that Girlfriends has!

    I'd also love to get you in touch with some of the gals here that could help answer any questions you might have about starting a Girlfriends ministry. They would love to get connected with you and to help you get connected with girlfriends across the country! That's one of the great things about Girlfriends--no matter where you go there's always a girlfriend nearby!

    You can contact me at:

    I hope to hear from you soon! Have a blessed day Emily!