Saturday, September 27, 2008

Observations, Conclusions, and Ponderings

Conclusion #1: I do not like Halloween. Costumes...Love um! Candy...Yes Please!! Children...Great! Candy Corn...Wonderful! Pumpkins...Fabulous! I have finallyfigured out why I dislike this holiday! It's the push to dress in costume. I dress in a costume everyday for work...its cool...! Well...On Halloween EVERYONE dresses in a costume. The idea of doing what everyone else is doing is not apealing at all. Will I dress up on Halloween??.......Yes. Not because everyone else is...but because I like to wear costumes!

Observation #1: While at Walmart I was purusing the Craft section as I usually do. Next to the FAKE flowers were two cute little girls. Little toe heads with curls. Their mother was checking out the stamps. Clutched in the hands of the little girls were bouquets of fake flowers. They were marching down, while humming "Here comes the bride." This scene was so cute and so endearing. It reminded me of similar episodes in my own life. I remember use towels and blankets to craft beautiful wedding gowns!

Observation #2: I become internally irate when people jump ahead of me in line while at stores! Sometimes I speak up...but most of the time I just smolder on the inside.

Today, I have been reading "Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life" by Amy Krouse Rosenthal. I get her style of writing and thinking. I didn't know that other people actually think in the same random masses like I do. My favorite entry is


It is weird and unsettling that a person who is hired to handle your money, make wise decision about it, and ostensibly, keep you from losing it is called a broker.

Have you ever read a book where you just want to throw your hands up and shout "YES! YES! YES!" That is exactly how I think/feel about something?! That is how I feel about this book.

Strange Pondering #1: I can't believe I actually spend time pondering this but, here you go. I often wonder if the name of the store Petsmart. Is PETS-MART, or is it PET-SMART. Has anyone else ever pondered on this?

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