Thursday, September 4, 2008

New with me!!

I just finished reading Kirk Cameron's autobiography! So good! I was a huge fan of Kurt Cameron when I was a kid!! I'm not sure if it was Growing Pains that I like so much or the fact that my brother looked so much like him!! The book focused mainly on his career. I was hoping there would be a little bit more about his walk with the Lord.

My grandmother's birthday is next week!! Here is the card that is on the way to her!!! Oh...I miss my family so much! I haven't been to Vermont since July of 2007. The last time I saw my niece she wasn't even 1 years old. She's now almost 2 :( . Thank goodness for the internet,I'm able to get photos from my Mom. The last week of October, Michael and I are heading up North for the St.Johnsbury/Lydon Institute Football game! Can't wait! Can't wait to hug my little niece Lexi! We will also head through PA to see Michael's family! Yay! More babies to hug!

Look what came in the mail today! Yahoo!! I love fun mail!!! Beautiful cards and gift ideas in this issue!

Excellent news! I will be back to doing story time again starting next week! Really love storytime! I get to dress in funny costumes, make art with the children, and share wonderful books and stories with children! What can be more fun than that?

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  1. I've enjoyed "The Kissing Hand" with children who have a hard time saying goodbye to their parents...
    I love reading what you've been up to lately! Lots of fun!!!