Sunday, September 28, 2008

Happy First Day of Wearing Jeans!

Today I wore jeans for the first time since.........Mmm...May! I really think it should be a national holiday or something! Ta-Da! It's finally chilly enough to wear jeans!!! Break out the marching band! It's time for a parade!It really is a beautiful day out today!! I took a little walk and took some pictures!!

Michael and I have started attending Grace Fellowship. We really like it! Michael knows a lot of people who attend there. People actually talk to us at Grace. At another church that Michael and I attended, nobody talked to us the whole 6 months that we tried it out. The church is really big on small groups. So we called up the leaders of a few groups and we are going to try them out this week. Michael and I also wanted to get involved in Children's Ministry

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  1. That's's probably been about the same for me...I wore a jean skirt today, but I still haven't donned the pant version for a few months. I prefer capris or khaki pants. Next, I can't wait to wear my corduroys, I've got an awesome pair of purple ones that my sis gave me!