Thursday, January 14, 2010

Kids say the funniest things

This is a page of a little book that I wrote for Storytime. The Monkey in the picture is the puppet that I bring around to storytime with me. The kids love the puppet!  So I thought the kids would love to see the Monkey doing fun things.

So, yesterday while reading the book to the kids, I asked them if they have ever gone snow sledding. This is what what one little boy said.

" I love snow sledding. I go with my daddy all the time! "
(Then he points to the above picture)
"But thats not my daddy in your book".

I laughed! The man in the photo above is my husband. The other teacher in the room fell over laughing! Little kids say the funniest things!

Have a good night everyone!


Here is my fabulous husband who was playing a game with our niece and nephew! So cute!

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