Friday, January 8, 2010

What I'm reading now: Blogging for Bliss

Just before Christmas I treated myself to this lovely book!

7 Reasons why this book is fantastic

1. Lots of fun creative eye-candy!

2. This book features blurbs about many popular bloggers such as
Alicia Paulson: Posie Get Cozy
Serena Thompson: Farm Chicks
Lisa Tutman Oglesby: Celebrate Creativity in all its forms
Jennifer Perkins: Naughty Secretary Club

3. An awesome chapter on starting a blog

4. Helpful Html codes

5. Blogger Etiquette

6. Tons of tips on increasing traffic to your blog

7. A stupendous glossary of blog related terms

This is a great go to resource for anyone who is interested in starting a blog or bumping their blog up to the next level. I've kept this book in my bag for about 3 weeks and have pulled it out for reading during lunch breaks and before bedtime! Its been a pleasure to read!

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  1. Hi Emily! I guess I haven't checked in a few days because there are lots of new posts today -- so fun :). Love seeing what's going on and what you're working on. This blog book sounds so fun for you! Hope you guys have a fun weekend. And your snow tarp idea (for a smaller walkway area) is amazing!